Tanarata International Schools

Planters Grounds 3 1/2 Miles Kajang-Serdang Road., 43000 Selangor, Malaysia
Jalan TKS 1 Kajang Selangor 43000 MY
+60 (03) 8737-7366+60 (03) 8737-7366
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School Philosophy and Objectives

The following is a statement of the beliefs and aspirations of the school. It reflects the founding trustees understanding of the purpose of the School, and sets the guiding directions for its future.

The Tanarata International School:
* Is a multicultural, multiracial and multinational community.
* Has its roots in Malaysia with its unique blend of cultures and its history of dynamic international, inter-ethnic exchange.
* Consists of students of both sexes aged 5+ to 18 years.
* Is an extended day (from 7:50am to 3:30pm), full facilities school.

The School believes in the development of well rounded educated individuals that are “well grounded” and ethically sound so as to be able to contribute actively to the community at large in a positive manner. The School also understands that such a community thrives upon respect for truth and open exchange. It favours methods of teaching which foster the joy and excitement of learning, discovery and enquiry, and which develop the faculties – intellectual, aesthetic, emotional / spiritual and physical. It is the School’s contention that happy, well-balanced individuals who take strength from such a community, make an invaluable contribution to the world in which we live. In line with the owners / shareholders philosophy, the school provides a broad spectrum of educational disciplines and activities, hence the number and variety of subjects and activities available in the School.


The Tanaratian culture emphasizes commitments rather than commandments. Instead of being an institution defined by regulations and maintained by orders, ours is an educational community in which students, guided by their instructors, identify and commit to meeting individual goals for behavior and achievement.

Teachers, administrators and staff at TiS all seek to create mutually rewarding relationships with students and to help them accomplish their goals in all facets of personal development. Students have a voice in charting their own courses and shaping their community. Working and playing within a progressive, empowering and pluralistic environment, they set high standards and are accountable for meeting them.

Classes are small. So every student gets the attention he or she deserves. Teachers have time to know their students as well as they know their teaching specialties. They can instruct, evaluate, counsel and work closely with students in exploring educational arenas and overcoming personal challenges.

Administrators, advisors and teachers are of the highest caliber at TiS. Our teachers are selected with great care and scrutiny based on their academic excellence, teaching histories and commitment to high ethical standards. They understand that every student is unique, and they strive to grow each one in accordance with his or her gifts and talents-engaging, enriching and inspiring them all to realize their full potential.

TiS encourages ongoing family involvement, too. Doors to teachers and staff are open at all times to interested parents. Additionally, the school provides formalized learning and informal opportunities designed exclusively for parents.

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