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My decision to start this important educational English learning project was a simple choice. I have now more than 13.5 years of teaching experience here in Thailand. During this time I have taught more than 6,700 people ages 4-60 years old from all walks of life. By far the largest group of learners whom I have taught are Thai teenagers (Mathayom 1-6) secondary students. I have taught more than 5,000 teenagers in three Thai government secondary schools for 4-years. These teens were also my most enjoyable (except when they didn’t complete their homework) students to teach. There wasn’t one day that passed by where I didn’t learn something new from them. Another thing although sometimes quite shocking, there wasn’t a week that had passed by where a student would come up to me in private and ask me for some personal advice/help (non financial) but something that they were very desperate about and because of Thai culture they weren’t comfortable asking a Thai teacher for help. This made me feel good and proud and I had always tried my best to find the best solution for every student’s problems. I do not have any children of my own but I feel like a proud father to 5,000+ teenagers.

After having witnessed everything from young pregnant teen girls and girls who have been raped, a boy who is alive today but had 1/3 of his brain removed because he had delivered ice on his motorbike at 4:20 A.M. before coming to school and had an accident. His 14-year old friend on the same bike wasn’t as lucky because he died at the scene. These boys had to help their parents in the family business every day before going to school. Then you know the rest. Yep! Gangs, drugs, weapons and on to prison. These type of things happen everyday all around the world. But I have chosen Thailand to teach and live therefore I must focus on helping teenager students in a way in which I feel will make an impact on their lives. This was one of the reasons why I had decided to become the Marketing Partner in Thailand for Paris based English Attack!

Well I have been involved with English Attack! for almost three years now. I have been to the Ministry of Education, Office of Basic Education Commission, Office of Vocational Education Commission and Area 1 secondary schools headquarters here in Bangkok within the last 2-months. I’ve also visited 12-schools within the last 3-years. The result is a lot of work and expenses for very few sales at a reduced special price for the government schools. Therefore it was now after rethinking my approach in trying to help teenage students to be able to get the English Attack! platform into the student’s classrooms. I had created this project/campaign in which I am hoping you will help me and support this campaign. For a minimum donation of 200.00 Baht which is about $7.00 USD. We will move at a much more faster speed in reaching our goals of helping a minimum of 2,000 students in 10 Thai government secondary schools.

What this project will not accomplish is this.
1. Prevent young teens from becoming pregnant or raped.
2. Will not save student lives who are forced to do dangerous jobs/task before attending school.
3. Will not prevent teens from killings, joining gangs or using and selling drugs etc.

This project is aimed at trying to reach as many teen students here in Thailand and providing them with very practical information. This includes why English is very important for their future and they must be taught how to make wise decisions that will have an impact on their lives now and in the future. This project will help give the students more confidence and start building momentum where the Thai government and schools have failed. I also realize that if I did nothing at all considering the huge amount of knowledge that I have gained over the past 13.5 years, then I would be just like the government and the schools. I do believe that the Ministry is going through a much needed reorganization but this will take time.

I want to try my best to help some of these vulnerable students so that they will have a better chance as they grow older and they too will hopefully be able to contribute some good deeds into their communities. As marketing partner in Thailand for English Attack! I’ve put together a plan with the two co-founders at the Paris office.

In recognition of this reality, I have created a very special campaign for all government secondary schools (M-1/M-6) under which schools or students pay only 1 Baht per day per student (365 Baht per year per student = $12.00) if there is a minimum of 200 license purchased per school. I will give FREE teacher’s licenses to the English teachers teaching these students.

A very important rationale behind the 1 Baht campaign is that signed-up students can use English Attack! every day, including during long holidays, not just during the school year.

Teacher’s licensees are 4,188 Baht or about $140.00

>With your careful consideration and generous donations I hope to raise enough funds to help 2,000 teenage students to learn English in 10 Thai government secondary schools. I also estimate about 40-60 teachers will receive the teacher’s passes for FREE. We want them to be able to have fun while learning with the English Attack! Online Learning platform. That is less than $13.00 per student for a year of unlimited learning and this platform has follow up games which ought to keep them wanting to learn English. I am also trying to find some local corporations to sponsor some competitions to help keep these teenage learners motivated.

I do hope you will join me. Thank you very much. 

Help this ongoing fundraising campaign by making a donation and spreading the word.

Please share this with anyone who you think can make a difference.


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