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Bangkok Thailand

Address: 2nd floor of Wells International School, in Room W21

EverClever Langauge School, established in 2009, operates as a sister company of Wells International School, and offers a variety of language classes from ESL to TOEFL and SAT Prep. Our goal is to assist students in their learning efforts, help them integrate into the Wells system by improving academic English and social skills, as well as assisting them with the university admissions process through SAT and TOEFL training. In addition to serving as an ESL support system for Wells International School, EverClever operates English language camps for foreign students and welcomes more than 100 international students annually.

In cooperation with Wells International School, we conduct multiple classes for learners aged 6-16 on a regular basis. Every semester we offer after-school tutoring, as well as weekend ESL courses combined with art, sport and music components. Our ESL teachers focus on the students’ conversational abilities as well as their writing, reading, listening and grammar skills, while emphasizing that learning English is a first step to making international friends.

As a gateway to successful university admissions in Thailand and abroad, the SAT and TOEFL tests are crucial for all non-English speaking students. With the focus on standardized test-taking strategies and score improvement, our teachers adopt an individual approach to students’ learning. In addition, our unique online platforms allow students a large amount of practice time with individualized feedback from their instructors.

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