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5 floors Central Plaza Khon kaen Thailand

Address 5th floor Central Plaza Khon kaen Thailand

Other email: info@i-genius.co.th

About this School in Thailand:
We have been trusted! by many Corporations!!

Nowadays, companies are developing their business activities locally and internationally in order to gain advantages over their competitors and maximize their market share. One of their effective strategies is to improve the quality of their human resources. As almost every business transaction in today’s world is undeniably conducted in English, its workforce’s skills of this universal language play a vital role in company operations. Bettering their staff members’ command of English is, therefore, paramount for the vast majority of Thai companies getting themselves ready to join the AEC.

With this at the forefront of our minds, we ,I-Genius English Institute, which is under the control of the Ministry of Education, are pleased to propose an In-house Intensive English Training project that can effectively upgrade the trainees’ communicative skills used in both work and real-life situations.

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