Krabi International School

Krabi International School 188 Moo 6, Nong Thale, Muang, Krabi 81180 Thailand.

Education is more than simply teaching children facts, it is about nurturing and moulding young minds and ultimately producing a spark that leads to a lifelong desire to better themselves, the people closest to them and the community and environment around them.

With our younger kids starting from 5 years old, we aim to provide a fun and exciting learning experience that leaves them with the craving to fill their own minds with knowledge and the desire to help their fellow classmates and above all to be happy!

For our older pupils, we aspire to produce respectful young adults that are responsible and caring and are able to think independently and question everything around them. Eventually being able to take this attitude and proactively make their and our future world a better place; for every living thing within it. To do this we have to provide a safe and friendly environment where children are not afraid to question what they are being taught. Learn more

We have a team of thoroughly vetted teachers and support staff. We strongly believe in the adage that we should learn something new every day. We believe that this should be a lifelong attitude and we believe that our teaching staff should have this approach to their own knowledge.

Therefore, it is our responsibility to provide as much support to them as we do to our pupils. We aim to provide a similar nurturing environment for our teaching staff as well as our pupils and anyone else involved within our school. Learn more

Technology is already a large part of every child’s life and more so with every passing year, therefore we have a responsibility to teach them how to use such technology for positive outcomes. We use technology wherever possible to help teach our pupils and with the use of technology we can demonstrate how it can help our current and future environment.

The environment in which children learn and people work is very important in ensuring our future development. Like our own and everyone before us, this generation will have to deal with the legacy left for them. Therefore, we have a huge responsibility to teach our students how to work with the environment and allow the planet that we and all other living things call home a place to prosper. We encourage our teachers to make use of the outside space to host lessons and congregate the students for reading time outside under the trees and on the grass. Learn more

Religion is a personal choice and the school respects the personal and private choice of every student or staff member. The school recognises that the subject of religion is often sensitive and can provoke passionate reactions. Therefore, the school has a strictly secular approach whereby religion is not part of school life. We also follow a neutral religious education policy; we shall not educate or persuade any individual into any single direction and we shall not promote or discriminate any single religious faith or belief.

File and Registration Fees
10,000 ฿ 30,000 ฿
General Tuition (average in Baht)
247,700 ฿ / Year
School Bus Service (Optional)
36,000 ฿ / Year
Sibling Discounts
10 % off for second child
School Capacity
136 students in the school
Number of Students per classroom (max)
12 students per classroom
Daily Recess/Play Time
90 min / day
School Amenities
Classrooms with AC, Playground, Labatory Room, Restaurant/Lunch Area, Sport Fields
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