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1020 - 1020/1 Sukhumvit Road Phra Khanong Khlong Toei Bangkok,Thailand

Srivikorn School’s address: 1020 – 1020/1 Sukhumvit Road Phra Khanong Khlong Toei Bangkok,Thailand

About Srivikorn School English Programme – SK: Srivikorn School opened the English Program (S.E.P.) in the 2005 academic year. Uur S.E.P. offered a bilingual education to students enrolled in Kindergarten One through Grade Three, with subsequent grade levels up to Grade 12.


Srivikorn School is a leading private educational institution with its students at the core of its programs. The vision is to build a strong foundation in which students can enrich their knowledge and provide up-to-date resources and a clear understanding in all subject matters so that they may excel in any field they are interested in; all this with morality, modern technology and Thai culture as the cornerstone for their education.

Educational Philosophy

We believe that education is the greatest gift we can give your child.
Your child’s time should be happy and fulfilling at school and we strive to provide this for each and every child, recognizing individually and distinctive personalities.
To give the gift of knowledge is one which value above all others and we will work fully and closely to ensure that your child obtains the greatest benefit from their time in Srivikorn School .

School Philosophy

Srivikorn School offers education based on the Thailand Ministry of Education system. The school endeavours to fulfill the students’ potential in academic, social, emotional, moral, cultural and physical development. This is achieved through a balanced curriculum that emphasizes on the individual’s abilities and needs and supported by desirable characteristics.

Srivikorn school provides a quality education through the child-centred approach which is structured to meet the needs of the students, the ASEAN community, and world as a whole. A cross-cultured curriculum, certified by the Ministry of Education and supplemented by a curriculum of the 21st century called International Primary Curriculum (IPC) from The UK. Qualified and experienced teachers, both Thai and Native English speakers who are dedicated and knowledgeable are in place.

The school provides a safe environment in a positive and relaxed atmosphere with a variety of attractive facilities including new buildings and modern educational resources to enhance the learning process.

The school believes that every student has the right to acquire knowledge and skills in a pleasurable and challenging means and develop their personal goals essential to meet today and tomorrow’s demands.

School Background

Srivikorn School , a private school certified by the Ministry of Education, was established in 1963 with the objective of developing quality students who can contribute their acquired knowledge to society. For more than 40 years, Srivikorn School has successfully created an abundance of high profile professionals from our recognized educational programs.

The academic program challenges each individual student, giving them the opportunity to develop their creative abilities at the same time developing their intellectual maturity. The school places serious emphasis on traditional subjects while providing stimulating alternative programs and activities to ensure a proper balance. Students are taught by dedicated, highly qualified educators who place strong emphasis on developing ethical values, leadership skills, artistic capabilities and academic excellence.

156,000 Baht per annum for English programme
47,000 Baht per annum for Thai programme

General Tuition (average in Baht)
156,000 ฿ / Year 47,000 ฿ / Year
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