Udomsuksa School (Pittwater House International sister's school)

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329 Soi Ladphrao 94 Lat Phrao Lat Phrao Bangkok Thailand
(66) 0 2934 8260, (66) 0 2538 7438(66) 0 2934 8260, (66) 0 2538 7438
(66) 0 2538 2956, 0 2530 4676

Udomsuksa School’s address: 329 Soi Ladphrao 94 Lat Phrao Lat Phrao Bangkok Thailand

Other email: phimep@gmail.com

About Udomsuksa School: Udomsuksa School provides English educational services for K-12 schools in Bangkok.

Udomsuksa School was established on February 20, 1975. Construction was immediately begun and was completed by October 1, 1975. The director, Assistant Professor Acharn Kasemsri Vacharaskunee, and principal, Acharn Lamon Chinsamran, named the school “Udomsuksa School Latphrao.”

By 1976 , classes were being administered to 385 students from Kindergarten 1 to Grade 7. The school’s name was changed to “Udomsuksa School” by the Ministry of Education and Acharn Jamnien Jaiyen became principal.

In 1978 , an additional building (Building 2) was constructed so as to expand the school’s enrollment. With a total of 15 classrooms, the school now admitted 630 students. The school also increased its land area by 200 sq.m. from the previous area of 3,200 sq.m.

In 1980 , the school began erecting a five-story building (Building 3) on its newly acquired land. When the building was finished up to the 3rd floor, the school opened 27 classrooms to students and the school had an enrollment of 1,170 students.

In 1981 , building 3 was finally completed with a total of 33 classrooms. By this time, the school had an enrollment of 1,440 students.

In 1982 , a swimming pool was constructed, which increased the school’s total land area to 6,700 sq.m. There were now a total of 34 rooms, 1,485 students and 46 teachers. Assistant Professor Acharn Kasemsri Vacharaskuneebecame principal.

In 1983 , the Home Economics, Art and Music rooms were added and a new cafeteria was built.

In 1985 , another five-story building was constructed.(Building 4)

In 1987, the school fabricated a two-story gymnasium (Building 5) The ground floor incorporated 10 classrooms while the second floor consisted of an all-purpose room used for meetings, productions, ceremonies, sports, etc. The school was now comprised of 61 rooms and had expanded to a total area of 11,200 sq.m. In addition, the school purchased a small piece of land opposite its grounds to be used as a parking lot for students’ parents

In 1989 , another five-story building was constructed (Building 6) It included 15 classrooms and eight additional rooms for learning. At this time, three five-story buildings and three two-story buildings held a total of 76 classrooms. The total land area amassed to 17,600 m2 including the parking lot opposite the school grounds. There were 3,721 students, 150 teachers and 228 other staff. A parent-teacher association was organized as well.

In 1990 , the school added computer and typing rooms for Grades 6-9. A pavilion at the school’s entrance was also constructed along with a new flagpole.

In 1991 , when a school band formed, a band room was set up for it. Also in this year, three more computer rooms were added for Grades 1-9 students’ use. Two English language centers and two typing rooms were added. Across the road, the school constructed an eight-story building encompassing additional classrooms, learning centers and modern scholastic resources.

In 1992 , the school expanded its enrollment up to and including Grade 12. Nine additional classrooms were added totaling 85 in the entire school to support a student enrollment of 3,916. At this time, the school employed 180 teachers and 85 support staff.

In 1993 , nine classrooms were added, bringing the total to 94 supporting 4,321 students. Also, a new gate was built.

By 1994 , the school’s swimming pool was brought up to international standards: 12.5 m x 25 m.

In 1996 , a five-story building (Building 7) was constructed in preparation for a new English Program.

In 1997 , another five-story building (Building 8) was constructed to also be used for the English Program. This building included a Resource Center, Computer/Internet Center and a computer network system (LAN).

In 1998 , the school bought additional land behind Buildings 7 and 8 to be used for parent/teacher parking.

In 1999 , the school constructed football and basketball courts and installed a temperature adjustment machine in the gymnasium. Dr. Kamolwan Chaiwanichsiri was now principal.

In 2000 , a two-story building (Multiple Intelligence Center) was constructed in front of Building 5. Its uses include teaching and learning resources to develop critical thinking and Thai language skills.

In 2001 , a two-story building in Thai style to be a Thai Cultural Center and Thai Musical Center

In 2002 , developed football field to mini golf and brought more land to build new sport center.

In 2003 bought more land to build a new kindergarten center.

In 2005 developed basketball field by rebuild whole floor and new swimming pool was constructed

In 2006
Exploring Science was constructed
Buddhism hall was constructed
School’s wall was reconstructed
Roof in front of admission office was constructed
Bought new chairs around school for parent to wait their children
CCTV was installed all campus
TV and school’s cable was installed in P.6 and middle school classroom.

In 2007
Rebuild Science Center, Computer Center
Join with SSCIAP, New Zealand in Developing School to be a Safety Place for students in Safety School Project
Redecorate restroom around swimming pools
Build a new garage
Build clock tower in front of school

In 2008
Redecorate restroom of building 3 and building 6
Redecorate restroom and bedroom for kindergarten students
Repaint building 1

File and Registration Fees
100,000 ฿
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