Benedictine International School

Matandang Balara, Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Capitol Hills Drive Quezon City Metro Manila PH

Benedictine International School is committed to an educational program that forms the human person. The academic program integrates the various areas of knowledge and information, skills and values; and ensures that the different aspects of the learner’s growth: spiritual-moral, intellectual, psycho-emotional, socio-cultural, aesthetics, and physical-mental health in commensurate with ones maturity and development are given equal importance and consideration.

Though BIS complies with the Department of Education Basic Education Curriculum (BEC), its academic program is an enhanced practical curriculum that adheres to international standards.

Brought about by the present demands of globalization on the use of English for communication, the primary medium of instruction for all learning areas is English. Values Education, aside from being a separate subject, is integrated in and across the curriculum. To meet the foreign language requirement for international schools, the school offers Mandarin from Preschool to Level 10.

The school is organized into Preschool, Primary School, Intermediate School and High School. The Preschool is made up of Nursery, Kindergarten, and Preparatory; the Primary School is from Level 1 to Level 3; the Intermediate is from Level 4 to Level 6; and the High School is from Level 7 to Level 10.

The learning areas for each organized level are:

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