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Medical School


To become the leading institution in the region in providing quality medical education committed to produce competent physicians who are guided by Christian principles in the provision of excellent health care.



To produce medical   graduates [a] who can excel in any of the responsible roles as health providers, teachers, researchers, administrators, and social mobilizers in the Philippine health care system; [b] who possess the necessary skills for a lifelong and self-directed learning; and [c] whose caring, compassion and social consciousness emphasize the quality of such education.



This medical education is committed to the development of physicians who maintain and promote the health of the community in line with changing medical needs and demands of the time in the pursuit of medical excellence.

Silliman University’s medical education is also committed to the development of educators who foster a student-centered learning process, who can upgrade such medical education, and who can serve as student models. The development of quality Christian education – as spelled out in the objectives of the School – is a commitment to excellence in the next millennium.



  • To develop knowledgeable professionals who can define and manage the health problems of the patient, the family and the  community.
  • To nurture the creative thinking skills and problem-solving abilities of medical students.
  • To master the strategies for case analysis in a multi-disciplinary setting.
  • To encourage student resourcefulness in data gathering and interpretation.
  • To foster leadership capabilities among the students as well as  enhance their active participation in a team of health care providers.
  • To encourage students into a lifelong and self-directed learning.
  • To inculcate in students the feelings of sensitivity, empathy and compassion in dealing with patients, relatives and colleagues in the health profession.
  • To promote ethical and moral values in the studentry.
  • To develop the students’ capability to use the holistic approach to patient care.
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