University of Cebu College of Law

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Sanciangko Street, 6000 Cebu Cebu City, Philippines
Sanciangko Street Cebu City Central Visayas PH


In order to establish a highly visible community extension program facilitative in building self-reliant and eco-friendly communities.

UC-CARES sets in motion processes of participatory, integrated, and holistic community extension services.


  1. Maximize the involvement of the faculty, non-teaching personnel, students, and the partner-communities in the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of developmental programs.
  2. Enable the people in the partner-communities to take actions on social, environmental, and economic problems and issues that affect or tend to affect them.
  3. Apply the integrated approach of community organizing and building to ensure impact assessment.
  4. Incorporate deeper dimensions of morality and spirituality.
  5. Strengthen linkages with the government, non-government, and other civic organizations to share and mobilize resources.


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