140 Lê Trọng Tấn, P. Tây Thạnh, Q. Tân Phú, Tp. HCM
140 Lê Trọng Tấn Hồ Chí Minh VN

. A brief history of the development of the school

University of Food Industry Ho Chi Minh City has been established since 1982, the history of formation and development of the School was renamed and upgraded through the stages:

– On 09/9/1982, the University was established under Decision No. 986 / CNTP of Minister of Food Industry called: School of Engineering Economics of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh City. The school has the following tasks: training and retraining of managers and professional economic and technical facilities Food Industries sector in the south.

– On 03/5/1986, the school was renamed: School of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh City under Decision No 25 / CNTP / TCCB of Minister of Food Industry. The school has the following tasks: training and retraining of personnel economics, engineering school system for the units of production, business, career of Food Industry in the provinces and cities to the south.

– On 02/01/2001, College of Food Industry Ho Chi Minh City was established by Decision No. 18 / QD-MOET-TCCB of Minister of Education and Training on Middle School facility upgrades School of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh City. The school has the following tasks: training and retraining of personnel economics, technical colleges qualified and lower level (secondary professional and technical workers), scientific research service development requirements Socioeconomic.

– On 23/02/2010, University of Food Industry Ho Chi Minh City was established under Decision No. 284 / QD-TTg, dated 23 March 02, 2010 of the Prime Minister on the basis of upgrading school College of Food Industry in Ho Chi Minh City. The school has the following tasks:
+ Training and qualifications, universities, colleges, secondary and vocational training;
+ Re-training and advanced training;
+ Postgraduate training as eligible;
+ Research, development and application of technology;
+ International Cooperation on training and scientific research;
+ Participate in the production and trading.
Currently, the University has 12 faculties, 11 departments and 07 centers function.
II. The achievements made in the operational aspects of School

1. Scale of training:

The school focused on the conditions for the development of scale associated with improving the quality of education. Perform a variety of forms of training to meet the requirements of human resources for industry and academic needs of the growing population. Traffic students currently about 27,000 students and will continue to increase in all 3 system training universities, colleges, intermediate.

About Training link: link with the University of Foreign Languages ​​- Hanoi National University trained master, connecting with several local branches of professional secondary education, vocational secondary … the process of organizing training create links ensure compliance with regulations and procedures and regulations of Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Regarding short-term training courses: Where has organized training vocational education classes, food safety, fisheries, information technology, foreign languages ​​and the skill upgrading training and retraining for agencies , enterprises, companies located in the locality as the Corporation Beer Saigon Beverages, Vinamilk, Saigon Tobacco Company, the Education Training Room Districts, vocational education and training for industry Chemistry and Chemical Technology Analysis Key 2 for alumina production projects of Coal – Minerals for the Central Highlands province … The process of training the regulations, ensure quality businesses appreciate.

2. The training and retraining of staff:

Recognizing that quality teachers are the decisive factor for the quality of training as well as the sustainable development of the university. Thus, the university is always interested, attaches importance to build and improve training of teachers towards rational structure and standardization of qualifications. Focus on leading teacher training and qualified young staff, with special attention to improving the quality of political, professional competence and professional skills. The school has organized training courses for pedagogical faculty under the new regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training. In addition, schools send teachers, officials and employees are going abroad to study, examine, explore training experiences of countries such as America, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Singapore China … Since then the quality of teachers, staff was remarkably improved, new teaching methods with the equipment and advanced teaching aids are quickly replacing outdated teaching methods, fertilization thunderstorm. Qualified teachers and managers increasingly improved remarkably, this is an important element of quality assurance and training. Currently, total organic CB.GV.NV of the nearly 600 people with 28 major management hub.

Visiting teachers also play an important role in the construction and development of the university. Nearly 200 people joined the training activities and scientific research of the school, which many associate professors and professors, DSc, PhD, MSc and engineers, leading artist in the universities, institutes research and businesses contribute to diversify training programs, academic curricula, skills and knowledge more realistically.

3. The compilation of programs, textbooks and additional teaching facilities:

Innovation content, the program is an indispensable element in improving the quality of education. The compilation of the program has become an important task. Over the years the school has focused on compiling the entire curriculum of educational level (professional secondary and vocational secondary schools, vocational colleges, professional colleges, college accreditation, universities) in the direction associated with social needs, modern and connected. CUNY has classrooms and lecture halls with 200 rooms, including 100% of the rooms are equipped with projector, large screen television to be able to apply innovative teaching methods; nearly 20 workshops with facilities to meet training needs, some factories equipped with modern equipment; nearly 100 laboratories, two large halls, several rooms used for the organization of ceminar, professional workshops and pedagogical activities. The school has many classrooms and online competition, starting this school year, to separate the instructor, who the issuer, contests and school officials added more than 200 computers used for the objective tests over 70% of exams.

4. The training combined with scientific research and production workers:

The training combined with productive labor, science experimental research associated with the profession in order to improve the quality of comprehensive training, and additional income for teaching and learning service. This is a strength of the school in fostering professional skills for students.

School construction was a new practice center – For office, equipped with the devices, to advanced tools for students to practice, practice, regularly organizes trips for students to practice, practice good in industrial companies, factories … that’s why students to have the opportunity to become familiar with practical production skills are advanced practice.

5. The construction of the facilities:

Schools interested in the work of building material and recently has concentrated funding base construction material from it has basically met the requirements of modern facilities for training and research.
– Area schools are being used: 34.6 hectares.
– Training of School Facility: 4 Base
+ Base 1: 140 Le Trong Tan, Tay Thanh Ward, Tan Phu District
+ Base 2: 54/12 Tan Ky Tan Quy, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District
+ Dormitories: 102-104-106 Nguyen Quy Anh, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District
+ Training facility in Tra Vinh Chanh commune, Chau Thanh district, Tra Vinh

6. Implement policies:

– Implement policies to autonomy and self-responsibility, schools, all conditions and applying the priority policy mechanisms, incentives for the staff, highly qualified teachers working in schools. The school regularly organizes rank promotion, raise salaries, bonuses, preferential regimes, regimes teach extra hours for teachers, officials and employees of the School in the policies issued. The average income of teachers, officers and employees are always guaranteed the following year over year increase.
– Every year, schools are organized for all teachers, officials and employees to visit, tourism in the country and abroad. The school is implementing democratic regulations in all emulation standards, the targets, the level of reward and discipline for teachers, officers, employees and students – students ensure public and democracy through periodic conference officers and the annual Trade Union Congress.

7. These achievements:

In recognition of the achievements of the next generation of leaders and all staff, faculty, staff and students to the university, the University of Food Industry Tp. Ho Chi Minh was the President awarded many prestigious medal, including:

Two Class Independence Order 2012
Independence Medal Third Class: 01/2007
First Labour Medal: 10/2001
Two class Labor Medal: 11/1996
Labor Medal Third Class: 1991
And many chess competition, Merit from the Prime Minister.
Labor Medal Grade 2: Vu Te skewers, 2006
Class Labor Medal 3: Vu Te skewers, 2001
Class Labor Medal 3: Master Pham Khoi, 2011
Many individuals are recognized as National Emulation Fighter, merit of the Prime Minister, emulation soldiers of MOIT, Merit of the Minister of Industry and Trade.

Over 32 years of construction and development, University of Food Industry Ho Chi Minh City from a vocational training establishment poverty has become a modern university is a training center with prestige and the future will continue to grow strongly. There are results on the strive, to overcome all difficulties of the next generation of leaders, faculty, staff, employees and students, the leadership and direction of the Ministry of Industry and Trade timely , Ministry of Education & Training, PPC. Ho Chi Minh, the Party committee, the managing board and work with high sense of responsibility of key staff, particularly effective contributions of faculty, staff, school staff, and the close collaboration between the government and the trade union organization, the Youth Union has resolved to strive to fulfill the targets set out in order to contribute to the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country, meet increasing the development of society.

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