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In the basis of the strategic orientation and comprehensive development of the country’s long-term, Phu Tho province of Hung Vuong University has developed the project “Development of Hung Vuong University for 2006-2015” and “Regulation development Hung Vuong University in 2011-2020, driven by 2030 “. The goal: “Building Hung Vuong University is a multidisciplinary university, multi-level training of human resources of high quality; a center of scientific research and technology transfer service for career development socio – economic development of Phu Tho province and the region. The development of the university in the coming period is: – Step by step construction of modern training programs, attractive, versatile, diverse kinds training to serve the mission of training the human resources of high quality, associated with scientific-technological transfer service for economic development – economic development of Phu Tho province and neighboring provinces – Improving the quality of comprehensive training in culture, business and moral concepts to students. Hone College, wrought-school business is always considered to be the core business, important in the training process. – Development staff development, training and retraining improve faculty dedication, good professional and intellectual wealth, professional expertise solved quickly enough, the effect of real life issues set out. Try to create conditions and work environment to attract the best scientists reputation, excellent, virtuous, talented, stick with science career – training, gathers a strong team inherit and promote the achievements constantly achieved. – Strengthen scientific research; harmony, rationality and efficiency between basic research and applied research, promote research potential applications deployed; Scientific research is considered a decisive factor improving training quality, the valuation metrics and quality level college class. Scientific research must adhere to real life, it is the source of inspiration produced programs, schemes and scientific mission and the science – technology. – Pay attention to build and use the facilities. Focus investment to fully exploit and efficient facilities, especially laboratories and national key investment focus. Must see this is where the real science to create products contribute to improving the level and quality of training and scientific capacity, particularly for younger staff. – Continuous development of social capital, which is particularly concerned relations of bilateral cooperation and multidimensional with universities, research institutes, organizations and enterprises at home and abroad; attracting scientists, faculty members and international students to participate in research, teaching and learning. – Strengthening the effectiveness of operating and management, including administrative reform is considered a breakthrough.
Target Construction, development Hung Vuong University of university training in multi-level, multi-sectoral; a center of scientific research and technology transfer, training of qualified manpower, high quality labor supply for socio-economic background of Phu Tho province and neighboring provinces in the direction of cultural development, modernization; identified a number of key disciplines to build a brand of Hung Vuong University; become standard university under accreditation criteria of the Ministry of Education and Training in 2020, meeting the criteria of regional integration and international 2030.Cu year are: – Development of the training scale (regular universities and colleges) in 2020 to about 10-11 thousand students from 44 majors and upwards. Orientation 2030 scale stability training 15 thousand students. – Develop and improve staff, teachers meet standardization requirements in 2030. – Strengthen the scientific research activities to serve the development goals of the provincial socio-economic Phu Tho and neighboring provinces. – Focus resources, mobilization of investment, accelerate the construction of key projects, engineering equipment to soon put into use. – To promote social activities in various forms of training, cooperation and joint training at home and abroad; expand relations, find partners training contracts etc … Strengthening scientific research towards applications, transfer of technology and production testing; strive to increase revenues and meet 25-30% of funds to serve the activities of schools, improving life for the staff, teachers and staff.

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