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Dear readers,

University Nursing Nam Dinh was established on the basis of Medical College of Nam Dinh, formerly known as Nam Dinh School of Physician founded in 1960. Generations of staff, lecturers, students were eager to train, work and study Medical and pharmaceutical officials effectively served in the great resistance in the past and they have contributed in the construction and defense. The school has trained more than 30,000 health workers to the country up to now. Generations of teachers and students have overcome many difficulties of more than 50 years of construction and development for the present Nam Dinh University of Nursing.

Dear readers,

Over the past 50 years, under the leadership of the Ministry of Health and the attention of leaders and people in Nam Dinh province, the school has overcome many challenges: when it was a newly established school, the school faced poor facilities, lack of staff, equipment and facilities. Then it evacuated to the 19 rural communes in Ha Nam and Nam Dinh province. We could not forget the mud-walled thatched classrooms, the U.S. bombing ofraiding fierce. Many students wrote letters in blood to volunteer to go to the battlefield. There were staffs, teachers, and students sold their lives dearly as Martyr Dinh Huy Hoi teachersof Anatomy Department, Martyr Khanh Dinh Manh, and student nurse at course No 19. There were many models such as Heroic Vietnamese Mother Mai Thi Kim Tien whose husband died in the war against France and her only son died in the war against America. ..

After liberation and unification of the South (4/1975), the country followed Socialism. The school‘s mission also entered a new phase of training human resources of nursing for national development, defense and the people’s health care. Under the direction of the Ministry of Health, the school was equipped with facilities and equipment for teaching and studying, teachers were developed to meet the mission requirements of the school.

To meet the requirements of primary health care, in 1981 the school was upgraded to Nam Dinh Medical College Nam Dinh based on Nam Ha Medical Secondary School by the Government. The goal was to train medical staff at College level for medical grass root level and nurses, midwives at secondary level for hospital and the urgent needs of 6 northern border provinces. From 1976 to 1987 the University followed the earmarked training form for provinces ofSon La, Lai Chau, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, Cao Bang and QuangNinh.

In July,1988 Nam Dinh Medical College and Thai Binh Medical University were consolidated to carry out the training of general doctors for district level and nurses and midwives at secondary level under the Decision No 624/BYT – QD issued by the Ministry of Health. At this time, Nam Dinh School was in charge of teaching for third year and fourth year students.

In August,1991, Nam Dinh Medical College was separated from Thai Binh Medical University to prepare facilities, staff and teachers for upgrade to Nam Dinh University of Nursing under the Decision No 797/BYT – QD issued by the Ministry of Health. This is a great event and an important prerequisite for the development of the school up to present.

In 1993, the school was assigned the duty of training Bachelor Nurse, Midwife and medical technique at university level in collaboration with Hanoi Medical University.

In September, 1997 the School was allowed to open training code of nurse, midwife and medical technique at college level by the Ministry of Education and Training. In January, 1999 the school was assigned target of training plan of full-time nurses at college level with the quantity of 200-300 students per year by the Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Health.

To prepare facilities for upgrade to University, in November, 2002 Nam Dinh Medical College was allowed preparation of constructional investment, improvement, and expansion under the Decision No 4703/BYT-QD issued by the Ministry of health.

In 2003, important project for the school were approved by the Ministry of Health as the project of constructional investment, improvement, expansion of the school on the campus of5.5 hectares with a total investment of 182, 9 billion dong. And the school carried out the development of improving the capacity of   teacher nurses.

To prepare for the upgrade to University, on 12th July, 2003, the Minister of Health Assistant Professor Tran Thi Trung Chien had a visit to school and worked with leaders of the provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee of Nam Dinh province for upgrading Nam Dinh Medical College to Nam Dinh University of Nursing.

On 9th February, 2004, the scheme of establishing Nam Dinh University of nursing based onMedical College of Nam Dinh was evaluated by the evaluation Council of the Government (including the Ministry of investment and planning, the Ministry of Interior, Ministry ofFinance) chaired by the Ministry of Education and Training and the participation of theMinistry of Health and Nam Dinh province

The evaluation Council appreciated the concern of the Ministry of Health in investment, the effective assistance of Provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee of Nam Dinh province, especially the school’s preparation of facilities, the staffs, the lecturers, training curriculum and executive management. The Council unanimously agreed to submit the scheme of establishing Nam Dinh University of Nursing to the Government for approval.

On 26th February, 2004 the Decision No 24/2004/QD-TTg of establishing Nam Dinh University of Nursing was issued by the Prime Minister. On 16th March, 2004 the ceremony of announcing the Decision of establishing Nam Dinh University of Nursing of the Prime Minister was organized at the multifunctional Hall. At the ceremony there were the leaders ofthe Party and State, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Training, the relevant ministries, provincial Committee, People’s Committee of Nam Dinh province, Provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee of Nam Dinh City and the relevant departments, thepractical settings, the universities, journalists, central and local TV station. This was the most memorable event in history of more than 50 years of construction and development of the university and the forever mark for each staff, teacher and student.

On 14th April, 2004 the plan of enrolment targets for full time bachelor nurse was approved for the year 2005 afterwards by the Ministry of Education and Training under the DecisionNo. 1843/QD

On 18th January, 2005 the Regulation on organization and operation of Nam Dinh University of Nursing was promulgated by the Ministry of Health under the Decision No. 94/QD-BYT.

On 25th April,2005 the plan of enrolment targets for part time bachelor nurse was approved for the year 2005 afterwards by the Ministry of Education and Training under the DecisionNo. 3136/QD

On 15th September, 2005 the master plan of developing Nam Dinh University of Nursing to 2010 and vision to 2020 was approved by the Ministry of Health under the Decision No.3379/QD-BYT

In 2005, the land of Giao Te Hotel was handed over by People’s Committee of Nam Dinh Province for the project of construction, improvement, and upgrade of the school. And the rector of the school was assigned by the Ministry of Health to be co-director of the Project “Improving the capacity of nursing training at university level” sponsored by the Netherlands.

On 12th June, 2008, the activities of the university since it became the university (followingDecision No. 3072/QD MOET dated 03/6/2007) was inspected by the inspection delegation.The inspection delegation noted and appreciated the achievements that the school has made in the administration, teaching, scientific research and studying.

On 25th November, 2011, the implementation of commitment to University establishment(following Decision No. 5784/QD- MOET) was inspected by the Inspection delegation of theMinistry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Health.  The Inspection delegation noted the achievements that the school has made. And many targets were committed toexceed the set standard.

Following the renovation and improvement of educational quality of the Ministry of Education and Training, the school has been conducted educational quality assessment itself since 2009. The self-assessment was checked and taken over and its results were reported to the Ministry of Education and Training and the Ministry of Health for the assessment of the external assessment delegation. Three disclosures were made: disclosure of commitment to training target and quality, disclosure of lecturer force and school resources, and financial disclosure. The standard of outcome for each training field is announced. Daily activities are on the school’s website.

At present, the quality of the school is better. The facilities are more spacious: 9storeybuilding, campus, the practical area with modern facilities for teaching, studying and scientificresearch. Dormitory, infrastructure are planned beautifully with sports grounds, gardens, amultipurpose house for the students’ amusement and entertainment.

There are 5 people in the board of trustee including a rector and four deputy rectors.

There are 11 offices including:

1. Personnel Office

2. Academic Affairs Office

3. Postgraduate Affairs Office

4. Finance Office

5. Administration Office

6. Material Facilities Management Office

7. Students Affairs Office

8. Information Technology Office

9. Supplies and Equipment Office

10. Scientific Research Management Office

11. Inspection Office

There are 04 faculties and 02 independent departments including:

1. Basic Medicine Faculty

– Department of Anatomy – Histology

– Department of   Microorganism – Parasitology

– Department of Physiology – Path-physiology – Immunity

– Department of Bio-chemistry

– Department of Pharmacy

– Department of Traditional Medicine

2. Clinical Medicine Faculty

– Department of Medical Adult Nursing

– Department of Surgical Adult Nursing

– Department of Pediatric Nursing

– Department of Ob-gynecological Nursing

– Department of Communicable Nursing

– Department of Psychiatric and Mental Nursing

3. Basic Science Faculty

– Department of Reasoning

– Department of Physical Education

– Department of Defence Education

– Department of Maths – Informatics

– Department of Medical Psychology – Medical Ethics

– Department of Legal Education

– Department of Biology

– Department of Foreign language

4. Nursing – Midwifery Faculty

– Department of Basic Nursing

– Department of Midwifery

– Department of Nursing Management and Scientific Research

5. Two independent departments including: Publlic Health Department and Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department

Offices for supporting training: Library, Center for Educational Quality Assurance & Testing, and Center for Cooperation of Science and Technology and Service.

There are more than 4,000 students. Since 2010 student nurses from U Dom Xay – Laos have been trained at school (according to the program of cooperation between two provinces of Nam Dinh and U Dom Xay allowed by the Ministry of Education and Training)

There are 314 staffs and lecturers (271 people are regular members and 43 people are irregular members). There are 198 lecturers in which 134 lecturers are postgraduates that make up 67, 7% of the present lecturers.

The school strengthens international cooperation with organizations and universities in the area and all over the world such as the USA, the UK, the Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and Korea.

In 2012 the school was the host for the Youth Scientific Conference of the 14th Vietnam medical and pharmaceutical Universities and Colleges of Medicine XVI.

Dear readers,

Looking back over the past 50 years, the staffs, lecturers and students have been proud ofcontributing to the construction and development of the school and caring for and protectingpeople’s health. Many individuals are awarded medals and merits by the Party, the State andthe Ministries and departments. Many nurses who were students of the school become meritorious doctors. Many student nurses of the school hold leadership nursing positionsfrom central to local levels. Along with the growth of Vietnamese Nurses Association, the position and role of the nurse is more advanced and confirmed in the need of the health care in society. The school has been awarded the first-class, second-class, and third-class Labor Medal. On the 50th ceremony of construction and development, the school was honorably awarded the third Independence Medal by the President.

We respectfully appreciate the leadership the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Training; the assistance of the provincial Party Committee, People’s Committee of Nam Dinh province, departments, branches and People of Nam Dinh Province, practical hospitals, theleaders of the Party, government, unions of the school through the ages and generations ofofficers, teachers and students that have been contributed to build the ever modern and developed school.

The goal of the next stage is: develop Nam Dinh University of Nursing into a multidisciplinaryuniversity, a high quality medical manpower training center of the South Red River Delta in which the main task is training and scientific research in nursing, and there is also training in other sectors of the health sciences to meet the needs of health care and improve people’shealth under the needs of society and the orientation of developing health human resourcesin Vietnam.

With the glorious tradition of the school, the school is determined to be unite, dynamic,creative. Nam Dinh University of Nursing will firmly develop, study and follow Ho Chi Minh’s moral example. It will write more brilliant pages in history and become the University of Nursing in the country which have high quality and international integration capabilities forbuilding and protecting the country.


Le Thanh Tung, PhD

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