18 Trần Phú, Phường 7, thành phố Tuy Hòa, Phú Yên, Vietnam
20 Trần Phú tp. Tuy Hòa Phú Yên VN
057.3842618 - 3842312


Phu Yen University including 2 facilities: Facility 1: 18 Tran Phu Street, Ward 7; Base 2: 216 Ngo Gia Tu, Phu Dong Ward, Dist. Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen province; Tel: (057) 3841214 – 3842618 to 3843025; Fax: (057) 3841214 – 3842312 to 3851381.

1. History form

Phu Yen University was established under Decision No. 112 / QD-TTg dated 24/01/2007 of the Prime Minister on the basis of the College of Pedagogy (Teachers College) and the School of Economics – Technique (THKT -KT) Phu Yen.

Forerunner of Teachers College School of Phu Yen is the continuation and development of schools: the School of Education Plain (1970), School of Phu Yen Pedagogy (1975), School of Pedagogy Phu Khanh (1976), School Phu Yen Pedagogy and establishments Phu Yen Teachers College (1989), Phu Yen College of Education (1990), School of Phu Yen Teachers College (1995-2007).

Its predecessor THKT-KT Phu Yen is the continuation and development of the school: School of Agriculture Hoa An (1975) and College of Agricultural Cooperation (1978), School of Agriculture Phu Khanh (1980), School Phu Yen Agricultural High School (1989), Phu Yen-KT THKT School (1995-2007).


2. The organizational structure and team

The organizational structure of the school consists of 22 units of managing board. That is: The Organization – Personnel, Training, Administration – Management, Planning – Finance, Scientific Management – International Cooperation, Students – Student, Ombudsman; Project Management Board, Management Board Dormitory, Group Quality Assurance, Library, Language Centre – Informatics; the Faculty of Engineering – Technology, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities, Languages, Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, Economics, Agriculture, Physical Education and Defense Education; Department of Arts, Political Department Li.

School year 2010 – 2011, the total number of officials and employees of the university had 206 people; in which faculty members: 144; PhD: 9, Master: 70, bachelor / college: 100, college: 4 Range: 5, other qualifications: 18. Many officials and employees of the school have been trained, Chief during the construction of schools, have good moral character, professional qualifications and was firmly guaranteed sustain forces and gradually improve the quality of training and scientific research. Phu Yen University is implementing team building strategy period 2011 – 2015 and orientations to 2020 with the following objectives: sufficient quantity to ensure the quality, uniform in structure, needs interdisciplinary training, multi-level; targets: by 2015, 50% masters and doctoral 12.5%, 2020 60% of masters and 35% of doctoral faculty corresponding to the scale of training about 7,500 students, born in 2015 and 12,500 students, 2020 students.

3. Facilities

Phu Yen University has a total area of ​​30 ha. Mainly built on the basis of one area meet the scale of training about 5,000 SVHS. The total floor area of ​​11,250 m2; which, in the school: 2417 m 2, the library: 1,236 m2, hall (200 seats): 298 m2, the specific study: 981 m2 multifunctional hostel: 940 m2, dorm (800 seats) : 2,668 m2, dining halls: 1,038 m2, two physics labs: 145 m2, 2 chemical laboratory: 145 m2, two biology labs: 145 m2, 3 music practice rooms: 184 m2, 4 rooms Computer practice: 245 m2, 1 room LAB: 49 m2. According to Phu Yen University Project has been approved by the People’s Committee of Phu Yen province, the school is implementing infrastructure construction period 2011 – 2013 with a total investment of 236.260 billion (2009 estimate), funds from State budget, which did not include dormitory area with 04 houses, each 7 floors (GFA: 7903 m2 and 02 floors high 01 dining halls (floor area: 1,667 m2). This is the basis of important to Phu Yen University continues to develop facilities to 2015 and orientations to 2020.

4. Training and Scientific Research

System of training of Phu Yen University sectors, mainly: Education, Engineering – Technology, Agriculture, Economics, Social Sciences – Humanities and Natural Sciences and Foreign Languages. By the academic year 2009 – 2010, the college sector 5 shares, 22 shares and 10 shares branch colleges secondary sector; scale training with SVHS 4332 and participants included all the systems, the types of training: formal, work-study, inform, link; school team has successfully implemented 26 scientific research projects include topics departmental level, the school level, the provincial level, which has a number of threads are being used very efficiently in education and training activities . The school year 2010 – 2011, the school will open 6 tertiary sector stocks, 3 stocks higher dang.Chien sector development strategy Phu Yen University phase from 2011 to 2015 and orientations to 2020 stated objectives:

– In terms of training, in 2015 opened more than 20 undergraduate majors, 30 branch colleges, 20 intermediate professional sector; 2020 opened 30 university branches, 40 branch colleges, 30 professional secondary sector, 5 high school branches, 2 branches fellows. Scope of Training, 2015: 10,000 SVHS, students; 2020: 15,000 SVHS, students; including systems, types of training: formal, work-study, inform, link. Scaling and training targets towards promoting pedagogical strength training; training development priority economic sectors, technology – technology, agriculture and culture – tourism.

– In terms of scientific research, 2015 and even 2020 have 50 threads / year; Private period 2015 – 2020, the number of theses and provincial levels increased 2 times compared to the period 2010 – 2015. In 2020, formed a study group with the participation of famous scientists in the country ; Research products are used for building economic development strategy – social Phu Yen province, the South Central region and Central Highlands, addressed the issues raised from businesses and is domestic academia appreciate and refer to research serial.

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