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312 Lý Thường Kiệt, tp. Đồng Hới, Quang Binh Province, Vietnam
601 Lý Thường Kiệt tp. Đồng Hới Quảng Bình VN


  1. General Introduction

Foundation Date: 24/10/2006

English name: Quang Binh University

Headquarter: 312 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh province

Telephone:  – 0084 52.3 822 010 (For domestic students)

– 0084 523 819 333 (For international students)

Fax:             0084 52.3 824 051

Website: http://www.quangbinhuni.edu.vn

Awards:       – Victory Medal of Third-class

– Labor Medal of Second-class

Names:          – 22/7/1959: Quang Binh School of Teacher Education

                                – 21/8/1978: Quang Binh College of Teacher Education

                                – 24/10/2006: Quang Binh University

  1. Summary history:


Stage 1: In 22nd July 1959: The university is named as Quang Binh School of Teacher Education.

Stage 2: In 21st August 1978: It was renamed as Quang Binh College of Teacher Education for the first time.

Stage 3: In 24th October 2006: The University then renamed as Quang Binh University.

 III. Mission and Vision:

  1. Mission:QBU is committed to producing high-qualified human resources mainly for Quang Binh, the neighbor provinces and the others nation-wide; concentrating on  sciences and research activity enhancement, application and technology transference; promoting international cooperation and collaboration with foreign universities in training, research and culture exchanging. With the priority of enhancing quality in student learning, QBU strives to make more and more contribution to long-lasting and stable development of Quang Binh province and Vietnam nation.
  2. Vision: QBU will make a great effort to move towardfully-developed and modern orientation; to become high qualified, reliable and reputedresearch and technology transference center in comparison with nation-wide and world-wide universities;  to make a big progress in higher education integration in region and the world.

 III. Message from The Rector

Since its establishment in 1959, Quang Binh University has grown from a small local school known as Secondary Education School to today’s coeducational comprehensive university founded pursuant to the Prime Minister’s Decision No.237/QD-TTg in 2006, with a fall 2013 enrollment of 3000 students.



  1. Organizational structure

– Training and sciences Board

– Board of consultancy

– Board of Management

Functional Divisions

  1. Personnel-Administration
  2. Academic Affairs
  3. Scientific Management & International Relations
  4. Education Quality Assurance Students Affairs
  5. Planning and Finance
  6. Facilities Management


  1. Natural Sciences
  2. Agriculture – Forestry – Fishery
  3. Engineering – Technology
  4. Economics – Tourism
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Foreign languages
  7. Political theory
  8. Pre-school and Primary Education
  9. Physical Education & Military Science
  10. Music and Arts
  11. Continuing Education

Centers and Journals           

  1. Journal of Science and Technology
  2. Learning Resources
  3. Information Technology – Foreign Languages
  4. Research and Experimental Center for Agriculture
  5. Student Service and Enterprise Relations
  6. Knowledge Cultivation
  7. Research Center for Music Performance
  8. Fine Arts Research and Application
  9. Tourism Training
  10. Scientific Research and Technology Transfer
  11. Culture and Language Research
  12. Construction Projects Management Board 
  13. Training majors 
  14. Natural Sciences

– Mathematics Teacher Education

– Physics Teacher Education

– Chemistry Teacher Education

  1. Agriculture – Forestry – Fishery           

– Biology teacher education

– Aquaculture

– Forestry

– Rural development

– Natural Resources and Environment management

  1. Engineering – Technology

– Electrical&Electronics Technology

– Civil engineering

– Computer science

  1. Economics – Tourism

– Accounting

– Business management

  1. Social Sciences

– Literature Teacher Education

– History Teacher Education

– Geography Teacher Education

  1. Foreign languages

– English language

– Chinese language

  1. Political theory     

– Political Education

– Law

  1. Pre-school and Primary Education

– Primary Education

– Pre-school Education

  1. Physical Education & Military Science
  2. Music and Arts
  3. Continuing Education
  4. Training scale

Undergraduate training

Graduate training

 VII. Office staff and lecturers

QBU takes the possession of  many experienced, qualified,  highly committed and devoted lecturers and research members who work full-time at the university. The great teaching programe offered national and international scientists, specialist, invited lecturers and foreign institution is always available for Quang Binh University lecturers and students.

Number of staff and lecturers:       293

Ass. PhD, PhD:                            23

MA.:                                            12

VIII. Sciences and Research Activities

            In priority of Quang Binh University development strategies, Sciences and Research Activities are closely tied with the duty of training and teaching. A big number of research topics of grassroots, provincial and ministerial levels have been conducting in order to promote students and teachers research movement. Research products and results have made a great contribution to the training quality and support for the regional and national development.

  1. International cooperation

One of the most emphasis of Quang Binh development strategies is to promote the international cooperation activities. A lot of international scholarships have been introduced to lecturers and students every year. At the same time, the scholarships for Vietnamese courses and undergraduate programs are also offered by QBU to foreign students from Lao, Thailand and other countries. At present, there have been many short-term courses available on Vietnamese, Accounting, Apprenticeships and so on.

  1. Facilities:

Well-equipped, modern buildings for learning, teaching and research have been completely built for nearly one year. The Learning Resource Center provides a thousand of books, Vietnamese and foreign language articles with more than 1000 available internet–connected sits for students to study everyday. QBU has also offered the accommodation for both domestic and international student and lecturers.

The following are the buildings inside the QBU campus.

– Lecture halls A, B, C

– Faculty Facilities (10 faculties)

– Learning Resource Center

– Accommodation for students and lecturers

– Practical and Laboratory Center

– Student Office


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