182 Lê Duẩn, thành phố Vinh, Nghệ An, Vietnam
227 Lê Duẩn tp. Vinh Nghệ An VN

July 16, 1959, the Minister of Education signed Decree 375 / ND founded Campus Pedagogical University Vinh. August 28, 1962, the Minister of Education signed Decision No 637 / QD rename branch of the National University of Vinh Vinh Pedagogical University. April 25, 2001, the Prime Minister signed Decision No 62/2001 / QD-TTg renamed Pedagogical University Vinh to Vinh University. July 11, 2011, the Prime Minister has written number: 1136 / TTg-KGVX on adding Vinh University to build a list of key universities.
Vinh University’s business and administrative units, directly under the Ministry of Education and Training, with legal status, bank accounts, seal and own logo. Decision No 62/2001 / QD-TTg dated April 25, 2001 the Prime Minister stated mission of Vinh University’s teacher training college level and gradually open more educational sector Other create matching abilities and needs of human cases of social, scientific research serve economic development – social.
Vinh University is higher education establishments multidisciplinary, multi-level in the North Central area, providing high-quality human resources and adapt quickly to the world of work; is the center of scientific research, application and transfer of technology, to serve the cause of economic development – economic development of the region and the country; the university toward key national, has a number of international industry standards.
Formerly the pedagogical university with the main task is to train teachers, education managers, but before the urgent demands on the training of human resources in service of economic development – society should be from the end 1980, party committees, the Board has determined to effect school became a multi-disciplinary training center. Since 1991, in addition to the continued development and improvement of teacher training programs, the University has expanded and developed dozens of industry codes in addition to unceasing pedagogical meet the requirements of human society force in the fields of economy, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, construction, electronics, telecommunications, law, information technology … So far, the school has trained many grades and different disciplines 15 specialized doctors, 31 specialized masters; 50 engineering training, bachelor; Training High School students to specialize with 6 specialized subjects (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science and English). Size of school enrollment in the system, education levels, sectors and forms of training are constantly increasing. At present there are about 42,000 school pupils, students and trainees. In addition, the school also links with educational institutions in and outside the country training the undergraduate level and graduate to meet the needs of human resources for the country’s high level.
Structure of Vinh University was granted university 3: School, Faculty – affiliated school, the Division.
Managing board has GS.TS.NGUT. Dinh Xuan Khoa – Member of the Executive Committee of Nghe An Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary, Rector; Vice Presidents are: PGS.TS.NGUT. Pham Minh Hung, PGS.TS.NGUT. Tung Ngo Sy, Assoc Thai Van Thanh, Assoc Ngo Dinh Phuong and TS. Mai Van Tu.
The University has 18 faculties: Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Geography – Resources Management, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Political Education, Faculty of Education of Defense, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Economics Health, Department of History, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Department of Biology, Faculty of Foreign Language Teachers, Faculty of Education Language Arts, Mathematics Faculty of Education, Faculty of Physical Education, Department of Physics and Technology, Faculty of Construction ; 2 affiliated schools: High School of Professional and Pedagogical Practices School.
There are 24 departments, centers, institutes, stations: Team specializes, Political Affairs Division – Students student, Division of Training, Department of Postgraduate Education, Department of General Administration, Office of Science – Collaboration international, Planning – Finance, Administration Department, the Education Inspectorate Division, Department of Personnel and Organization, Protection Division, Publishing, Information Technology Center, Center for Quality Assurance Center Distance Learning, Continuing Education Center, Education Center of Defense – Security Vinh, Student Support Center and Corporate Relations, Centre for Inpatient, Fitness Centre – Sports Centre Information – Nguyen Thuc Hao Library, Center for Practice – Testing, Project Management Unit building, medical stations.
There are 9 departments and centers of expertise, research and application: Journal of Science, Research Center of Ho Chi Minh, Centre for Environment and Rural Development, Centre for Design Consultancy and Technology Transfer, Center for Food Safety – Environment, Center for Practice and Legal Consultant, People’s Inspection Board, Board of Management Services, Project Management Board of Education.
There is one representative office in Ho. Ho Chi Minh.
Educational programs of Vinh University was built on the basis of the framework program of Ministry of Education and Training, receptive experience of the advanced program in the world, to meet social needs, ensuring flexibility operation, inter. Currently, Vinh University training credit system for all grades and types of training.
Continuing the tradition of 55 years of construction and development, Vinh University is determined to build the school with the slogan of action “Vinh University – Where to build a future for youth” and characteristics of students Vinh University “bravery – Intelligence – Civilization – Volunteering”.
Vinh University library system, learning equipment and facilities are perfect growing modernization, meeting the requirements of multi-disciplinary training. Our classrooms, lecture halls standards have been built; laboratory systems, libraries are complete modernization … Also present area in the region Ben Thuy – Truong Thi (14 hectares), the University has been planned and under construction at the facility II Nghi Loc district with an area of ​​258ha (completed construction of the Faculty of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Defence Education Centre and some other units). In addition, the school also has research centers and aquaculture practices put in many places like Hung Nguyen – Nghe An, Nghi Xuan – Ha Tinh. The school has multiple solutions and plans of financial autonomy, mobilizing more financial resources legally, meet operational.
Management staff, faculty and staff of the University of Vinh constantly growing. Currently, the school has built a team of civil servants in sufficient quantity, uniform in structure, achieved qualification with 987 people. In total 670 teachers, 59 professors, associate professors, 4 senior faculty, 181 doctoral, 483 master’s, 133 master trainers. In addition, there are hundreds of scientists at home and abroad to participate in training undergraduate and graduate at Vinh University.
Along with training, scientific and technological activities of Vinh University has had strong growth in quantity and quality. The number of scientific research projects at all levels are increasing annually. In 10 years of school officials have made 24 state-level projects, 203 projects of Ministry, 1,857 grassroots topic. The mounting scientific research activities with consultancy and transfer of science and technology to serve the economic development – local economic development of the region and has had positive results. Besides, the school is always interested in publishing scientific publications in terms of quality, content and form. Announcement of the School of Sciences be upgraded to a Journal of Science in 2003, each year the 4-stroke, 8 of the form and content richness, diversity, quality and better articles and publications regular exchange with universities, research institutions nationwide. From 2001 to now, school officials announced over 1,500 articles in magazines in the country and about 260 articles in international journals. Annually, the School organizes conferences and scientific seminars school level, regional, national and international. Scientific research activity of students has changed markedly. Many faculties have promoted the scientific research of students and young professionals. The number of subjects participating in conferences, symposiums and the students study science students is increasing.
The expansion of relations and cooperation with agencies and departments from the central to local levels, universities, research institutions at home and abroad for cooperation in training and scientific research continue to be pushed strong. More than 1,000 students in Thailand, China, Laos, … was in college and graduate school, which has graduated hundreds of students. Schools have partnered training, scientific research, personnel training with over 40 higher education establishments and agencies, scientific institutions in the country. Many of the school’s staff members and collaborators of the scientific council or national scientific organizations, regional and international (Germany, Italy, Japan, France, Poland, Russia, Canada, USA , the International Astronomical Union, …); was invited as expert education and teaching at many universities.
System Party organizations and unions of Vinh University and attained the title of Party organizations and unions in a clean and strong.
Party School of the grassroots party, the Party has 11 parts, 44 and 5 of Party Committee Party building). Party’s Executive Committee has 21 members. Standing Party Committee with Comrade 6: GS.TS.NGUT. Dinh Xuan Khoa, Secretary; Assoc Thai Van Thanh, Deputy Secretary; Assoc Ngo Dinh Phuong, Member; Assoc Nguyen Thi Huong, Member; MSc. Nguyen Hong Soa, Member; Assoc Nguyen Huy Bang, Commissioner, Chairman of the Committee of Inspection.
Unions Vinh University, is a member of the Vietnam Education Trade Union. Currently due Assoc Nguyen Thi Huong as chairman. Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Vinh University, is a member of the Provincial Delegation of Nghe An. Currently led by Dr. Nguyen Anh Chuong secretary. Students’ Union affiliated Vinh University Students Union Nghe An Province. Currently due MA. Le Minh Giang as chairman. Veterans Vinh University affiliated Veterans Nghe An province. Currently led by Dr. Hoang Manh Hung as Chairman.
55 years of construction and growth, Vinh University was awarded many prizes, noble titles. The school has been awarded: First Class Independence Medal (2009, 2014), the Friendship Medal of the President of Republic of Lao People’s Democratic (2009, 2011), the title of Hero of Labor in exchange period new (2004) and many other honors. Where is the Party Standing Committee of Nghe An Provincial Party recognized as clean and strong base 16 consecutive years (1998-2013). Where trade unions Medals Third Labour, Second Class (2005). Union School, the Students’ Union was awarded the Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister (2004), the Third Labor Medal (2006).
Currently, the university is determined to implement the mission statement Vinh University is higher education establishments multidisciplinary provider of high quality human resources and social needs; is the center of scientific research, application and transfer of technology, to serve the cause of economic development – economic development of the North Central region and the whole country with a vision to 2020, Vinh University became the key universities, a number of study international standards.

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