Mentors without Borders – Education in Thailand

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All about Education in Thailand

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E School and E Learning for All – A new online platform for learning

e school and e learning
e school and e learning for all

ESchool & ELearning for all is the first search engine providing only learning, schooling and educational content: a new free way to learn about anything from selected people and videos. Videos are chosen by teachers, yet everyone can submit a video, a lesson, a topic, which they believe important and interesting.

The primary role of this eschool is to allow teachers, students and parents to share and learn from each others while acquiring useful and interesting knowledge. One of the three main categories are about teaching, school, and parenting.

The second goal is to have a pleasant eschool and elearning interface where everyone can enjoy learning at their convenience thanks to this search engine specialized in learning, schooling and educational content. For instance, there are categories for those who want to visit museums but cannot afford it (from there, it is possible to have a virtual visit of such or such place and see the different exhibitions held at this particular museum). From cooking to genetics, everything is there -or at least on its way to get there.

As 60% of the world population are visual learners, what better than animations and videos to convey ideas, teachings, concepts and knowledge?

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