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919/539 Silom Road Bangkok 10500 Thailand
+662 267 4315+662 267 4315
+662 267 4320

Address: 919/539 Silom Rd.,
Jewelry Trade Center, 48th Fl.
Bangkok 10500, Thailand

About this Schools:
The Asian Institute of Gemological Sciences was founded in 1978 as South East Asia’s first International Gem School. The first educational facility devoted exclusively to the study of gemology. Its major aim is two-fold: to provide professional training for those planning to become, or already involved in the gem and jewelry trade, as well as to expand the knowledge and appreciation of gemstones among member of the general public.

No matter what the field of endeavor, truth is best attained at the source, through first-hand experience. For over 2000 years, Asia has been regarded as the source of the world’s finest gemstones. Thus, the location of AIGS in Bangkok, the colored stone capital of the world, makes it an ideal place to study about precious stones. From mining of rough gems to the manufacture and sale of finished jewelry, every level of the industry can be encountered in Thailand.

At AIGS, students not only read about gem mining, but are given opportunities to observe it a t first-hand at ruby and sapphire mines of the region. In addition the gems actively mined within the Kingdom’s borders, others gems are brought-in from far and wide for cutting and processing. Emeralds from Colombia, rubies and jade from Burma, sapphires from Sri Lanka, topaz from Brazil and even diamonds from Africa are but a few of the gem materials cut and polished in Thailand. Students can observe the cutting and trading of these gems up close, and in doing so, gain valuable experience not easily gained elsewhere in the world.

The study of gemology is a fascinating undertaking, ever-changing and challenging, but never tedious. Few professions can combine together such a broad range of fields. Gemology is part science, part business, part art, part history, part travel, and much, much more. For those of us at AIGS, gemology is certainly a passion and we would be most happy to share it with you. If you have an interest in gemstones, whether as a profession or simply as a hobby, contact AIGS today. We will be very pleased to give you complete details on how you can become involved in the exciting world of gemstones! Today AIGS has become a world recognized International Gemology School, where many students from all over the world come together to learn and meet.

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