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Burapha University, Muang Chonburi Thailand
3144 Tambon Muang Chang Wat Chon Buri 20130 TH


Thai Culture Course 2015-2016
Now open!
Tel. 038-102046, 038-102222
email: rattanasiri_k@hotmail.com
Register now at: http://www.edu.buu.ac.th/webnew/news-detail.php?viewID=52

=> The TEGL Program, IG-HRD Center, Faculty of Education, Burapha University is officially permitted from the Teachers Council of Thailand to organize the training on “Training for Foreign Teachers for Application of Teaching Licensure” who want to practice the teaching profession in Thailand.

Overview of the program
The Teacher and Educational Personnel Council Act B.E. 2546 (2003) stipulates that the teaching profession shall be a licensed profession, both for Thai and foreign nationals. Also, it is now mandatory for all foreigners who want to teach in Thailand to take and pass a 20-hour training required and regulated by the Teachers Council of Thailand. This course is designed to prepare all prospective foreign teachers with the requisite knowledge on:
1. Thai Language and Thai Culture, and
2. Laws Concerning the Teaching Profession.
Upon successful completion of this course, all the trainees will be awarded a Certificate of Completion endorsed by the Teachers Council of Thailand.

Tuition and Fee
The tuition for this course is 4,000 baht per person. (non-refundable)
Certificate fee issued by TCT 500 baht

Qualification Requirement of Trainees
1. Be at least 20 years of age,
2. Have documents showing permission to practice the teaching profession from the Teachers Council of Thailand (TCT),
3. Hold a bachelor’s degree in Education or equivalent, or any other degrees acknowledged by the Teachers Council of Thailand, OR
4. Hold other degrees and a Teaching license from abroad, or a graduate diploma in Education with 1-year course of study, OR
5. Hold other degrees and have passed the teaching profession courses provided by an educational institution certified by TCT, or a higher education institution accredited from the Public Sector or an eligible professional organization. Credit transfer is not less than 24 credits.
6. Have a copy of passport or other documents showing legal immigration and is still valid to permit to stay in Thailand not less than 6 months from the day of the training application.
7. Have a copy of work permit in Thailand and is still valid during the training period.

Applying process:
1. Reserve your seat by filling out the online application form at (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1kMn0lDJBCKmrMFqSD6L6E0tamoJ9zo9emu0ibYB2C1w/viewform).
2. Wait for an e-mail to confirm your seat. A list of participants will be sent if your name is in the next batch (Since we’ve not finished training the current batch yet, you may not receive our email.)
3. Post your printed application form, required documents and paid receipt which you pay to our bank account if your name is on our participant name list. (electronic mail/ scan files are not accepted). (You may photocopy your documents and keep one set with you to secure them before sending us your original version)
4. Wait for a confirmation which we are sending to you via e-mail after receiving your post.
5. Be ready to enjoy your professional development program with new friends from all over the world at Faculty of Education, Burapha University(BUU), Chon Buri. (While IG-HRD is considering your application according to the queue you submit your online application to our system, we will do our best to service you and ensure your comfort.)

List of establishments offering Thai Culture Courses as of 2015: https://www.sataban.com/thailand-schools/categories/thai-culture-course-thai-teaching-license

The Teachers’ Council of Thailand – TCT (English website): https://www.sataban.com/thailand-schools/school/the-teachers-council-of-thailand-tct-english-website

About Faculty of Education – Burapha Univerisity:
Faculty of Education – Burapha Univerisity‘s other website: http://www.buu.ac.th/en/index.php?link=edu.php

Faculty of Education – Burapha Univerisity’s address: Queen Sirikit Building 1 (QS1), 2 th Floor (Room 200) Burapha University, Bangsaen Campus No. 169 Long-Hard Bangsaen Road, Saen-Sook Sub-district, Mueang District, Chonburi 20131, Thailand


           The <a href="http://www.edu.buu.ac.th/webeng/" target="_blank">Faculty of Education</a> was founded with the establishment of Burapha University in 1955 as its first faculty. It is nationwide recognized for its scholastic excellence and its great educational achievements and is well known to provide staff and students with an intellectually stimulating, emotionally satisfying and social minded environment which has the power within it to be finally leading to an improvement of Thai and global society through education. Further details are mentioned in the following pages.


           To stimulate the intellect, to encourage the search for knowledge and improve the sensibility for morality, and to make a positive contribution to the society.

Mission and Responsibility

  1. To offer undergraduate and graduate degree programs which aim to create alumnae with an outstanding academic profile and a deep sense of social responsibility.
  2. To conduct research in promoting academic excellence as well as new knowledge development for the benefit of the community.
  3. To provide society with superior academic service.
  4. To preserve national culture and develop an intercultural awareness focused and environmental responsibility in consideration taking leadership.
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=> Applied when my visa was still valid for 7 months.
=> 6 months to get a date for the next “batch” of teacher training in order to get a Thai Culture Course at Burapha University.
=> 1 month left on my visa when the training finally took place.
=> Number 6 of the requirements for attending the Thai Culture Course: “Must have a copy of passport or other documents showing legal immigration and is still valid to stay in Thailand not less than 6 months from the day of the training application.
=>4 000 Baht lost which will never be refunded.

Just ridiculous! Nonsense and baloney!

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