Lertlah School Thailand - Petkasem Branch

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Lertlah School, Phetkasem Road 45, Soi Phetkasem 77, Nongkangploo, Nongkhaem District, Bangkok, 10160 Thailand
203 เพชรเกษม Bangkok Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10160 TH

Lertlah School Thailand – Petkasem Branch
Lertlah School Thailand – Petkasem Branch is located in Bangkok, Lertlah Schools have three campuses: Lertlah School Petkasem Road, Lertlah School Kanchanapisek Road, and Lertlah School Kaset-Nawamin Road. The schools operate classes from Kindergarten to Mathayom 3 (Grade 9), except for Lertlah School Petkasem Road, which teaches students up to Prathom 6 (Grade 6). The three campuses, which are under the Office of the Private Education Commission, host approximately 3,000 students, 330 Thai and 100 international teachers, and offer English and International programs.

           Lertlah Schools are managed by a Board of Directors that has over 30 years of experience with full support and authorizations from the Ministry of Education and the Office of Private Education Commission of Thailand.

          Lertlah Schools are also the first and only schools in Thailand, which are accredited, affiliated, associated, and standardized by:

Ministry of Education, Citizenship and Youth Manitoba, Canada since 1997
University of Manitoba, Canada since 1998
University of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada since 2006
Department of Education, Nova Scotia, Canada since 2007
University of Maine at Presque Isle, USA since 2009

         Lertlah Schools, Thailand entered into an Accreditation Agreement with Manitoba Education, Canada 17 years ago.

Introduction to Lertlah

           The purpose of this accreditation was to gain the official right to offer the Manitoba (Canada) Curriculum. We offer the Manitoba Curriculum to the International Program (80%English), and the English Program (50%English).

           The Canadian Educational Accreditation programs are offered by all ten Canadian Provinces. The Manitoba program particularly fits Lertlah’s needs in Thailand as the Manitoba Education system is highly focused on second language immersion. The Accreditation provides significantly higher quality educational programming for Lertlah.

           Lertlah, in order to maintain the agreement annually, must be inspected by senior Ministry officials every year. These officials ensure that Lertlah is properly offering the Manitoba curriculum with qualified Canadian Bachelor of Education teachers and through the use of the proper resources.

           Lertlah expanded its Canadian Accreditation program in 2005, through an additional Accreditation by the province of Nova Scotia. This addition offered Lertlah students a broader opportunity to study in Canada through any of the universities in Manitoba or Nova Scotia.

          There are approximately 3000 students in 3 campuses.
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92,500 ฿ / Year 300,000 ฿ / Year
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