3rd Floor, 661/26, Sathupradit 55, Sathu pradit Road Yan Nawa Bangkok 10120 TH

In light of the virus outbreak and the difficulties that come along side, we have set an online system and virtual classrooms to keep going with kids enrichment, development of special skills as normal but DISTANCE LEARNING.
We provide programs as below,
 Robotics
 Junior Robotics
 eDesign & 3D Pen Printing
 Fun Coding
 Crazy DIY
 Checkers, Scrabble & Vocabooster

With such amazing online programs selection life in confinement will be as normal, full of excitement learning special skills to surely help kids not to feel the difficult situation the world is living in right now.
We have worked fantastic incentive and great discount as below, in order for;
 Parents to easily join and enjoy the freedom of a busy kid, though in self-isolation.
 Kids to enjoy the isolation time, learning exciting and great skills
 With schedule planned Morning – Afternoon – evening, during term break and long holiday
 The kids will be able to choose the day and time that is suitable for them
 They can choose to study once or twice a week
 For one course we have 10 lessons and each lesson takes 1 hour
 Classes in English, Thai and even French or Russian(at special request)
 Delivery of materials at your doorstep by Kerry express or Thaipost (under condition of security deposit)

If you are interested, you can register on this link,

File and Registration Fees
4,000 ฿
Sibling Discounts
10 % off for second child
Number of Students per classroom (max)
1 students per classroom
Staff Turn Over
0 %
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