Muay Thai Sangha (aka Muay Sangha-Muay Thai Chaiya Lineage, aka Ancient Muay Thai School -aka Muay Sangha Fighting Arts School)

89 Moo 5 San Mahaphon, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai 50150 Thailand


Address: 89 Moo 5 San Mahaphon, Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai 50150 Thailand

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About this school:
Muay Thai Sangha has gathered different philosophies, ancient Muay Thai styles and grappling concepts and has developed under a great spiritual influence a unique self defence system.

In our school we believe that martial arts are a gate to improve not just our physical state but also a great opportunity to refine our mental and spiritual abilities.

Our aim is to create an appropriate environment so students can grow with effective Muay Thai and grappling techniques in a very humble way.

For those who are looking beyond fighting and wishing to train in the most efficient and proven martial arts in the world, we welcome you to train with us at our school in Mae Taeng, Chiang Mai province, North Thailand.

Our instructors are professional Muay Thai fighters and highly specialized teachers who have been living and training in Chiang Mai Thailand for many years. Our Muay Thai Sangha school has been providing high standard skills rooted in ancient Muay Thai and Muay boran to students interested in ring competition or self defence for more than 10 years.

Please feel free to send an email, call for more information or schedule a visit to our school and experience the Muay Thai Sangha difference for yourself.

Muay Thai Sangha is a blend of ancient muay Thai styles and grappling arts based in dealing with energy through the concepts of rotation, translation and vibration.

The approach of the training in the muay Thai sangha school fits that of MMA (mix martial arts). The system emphasizes the correct position of the center of gravity and good body-weight distribution to achieve proper balance. The hands and forearms are placed one on top of the other rotating forwards or backwards in a triangle position according to the body structure. The lower part of the body (knees and feet) move always aware and protecting the center line in 10 different directions.

Muay Thai sangha most dangerous weapons are the counter techniques, blocks with knees and elbows, and fast footwork to evade an attack which mirrors the philosophy of self defence behind the style. All our training, including the sparring, is done with almost no pad protection (groin, mouthpiece and sometimes small gloves). The muay Thai sangha striking uses tricks mainly from many ancient muay Thai styles and a variety of other South-East Asian martial arts.

Muay Thai sangha fighters are well known for their stamina and endurance because the style was created under the concept of conservation and correct use of energy. This is a result from using a holographic sphere related to the three rotations or dimensions of movement. Through careful body position, energy flows into the opponents body creating an overwhelming result on each attack. The result when you drive the energy correctly is a combination of machine blows with a devastating effect. Joints and soft parts of the body are the main targets of muay Thai Sangha.

It must be emphasized that we are not limited by the rules of sport muay Thai, that means we also train real self-defence. Attacks to the groin, throat and eyes are often part of our training. Also all kinds of throws, sweeps and ground-fighting are taught.

The school is located in the heart of northern Thailand, only 40 minutes north of Chiang Mai in the village of Mae Taeng, a small town surrounded by mountains next to the Srilanna national park. For the last ten years the Muay Thai Sangha school has had different locations through out Chiang Mai. From 2003 until 2007 the school was situated on Suthep road behind the famous Wat Suandok temple on the west side of the city. In 2007 the school moved 9 km south of Chiang Mai along the main Handong road. During 2013 the school finally moved north, out of Chiang Mai city because of time consuming constant traffic jams, noise pollution, increased cost of living and the poor air quality especially during the burning season.

We have chosen Mae Taeng as a location because of clean mountain air, fresh temperatures, local hill tribe street markets in which fresh fruits and vegetables are available all year round, cheap cost of living and low noise levels after dark. Also Mae Taeng offers a great variety of outdoor activities. The Mae Taman valley is just a few kilometers away where many of the elephant sanctuaries are located. As well there is a lake and many different caves and waterfalls that can be visited. White water/bamboo rafting or zip line activities are also one of the main attractions in the area. As well, around the near mountains of Mae Taeng there are hundreds of different hill tribe villages from Burma, South China and Laos. Local agencies offer different jungle trekking tours to visit them and learn about their culture.

The weather in Mae Taeng is mild all year round. Thailand has 3 main seasons, the rainy season (the temperature is about 29 Degrees Celsius) in the north of Thailand starts in June and last until October. In October the cold season begins (days 25 Degrees Celsius, nights 10-20 Degrees Celsius) until the end of February. In February the hot season (35-42 Degrees Celsius) starts until the beginning of June.

From Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, there are a few ways to reach our training school: The easiest way will be to fly directly from the Suvarnaphumi International Bangkok airport (BKK) to the Chiang Mai International airport (CNX) it will take about one hour. The second option will be to go to Mo Chit Bangkok Northern bus station. From there buses leave to the Chiang Mai bus station “Arcade” every 30 minutes. To reach Chiang Mai will take around 9 hours. The third option will be to go to Bangkok Hualumpong Central Train station and buy a train ticket to Chiang Mai, it will take around 12 hours. (We recommend to the take the express night train and travel in second class air-cond).

We are located 38 km North from Chiang Mai city, to reach us you must take the highway 107 north from Chiang Mai to Chiang Dao. Travel on this road until you reach the city of Mae Taeng and locate the famous Talaat Mae Malai local market which is on the same road (on the left hand side facing north). The location of the school is 1.5 km further north from the market, on the right hand side just in front of the TOA construction shop. Across the road from the TOA shop there is a sign with our logo. Follow the signs until you reach the school.

The best option is to rent a motorbike from a local agency in Chiang Mai city. You may also need a basic Chiang Mai road map (they give it for free in many tourist places) and follow the above directions. Another option is to go to the local Chiang Mai Northern bus station called ‘Satanee Rot Mae Chang Puak’ that is located outside of the north gate of Chiang Mai city (please do not get confused with the Chiang Mai central bus station ‘Arcade’). Catch a bus or a white truck taxi (songtaew) going to Mae Taeng city (it cost 25 baht), you will get off the bus or the taxi at the Talaat Mae Malai. From there we will pick you up at the front of the market or if you wish, you can walk to the school (the distance is 1 1/2 Km). We recommend you to contact us before you leave Chiang Mai so we have enough time to prepare everything.

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