Mukdahan School

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147 Pitakpanomkhet Road district of Mukdahan Mukdahan Thailand

Address: 147 Pitakpanomkhet Road district of Mukdahan Mukdahan Thailand

About: Mukdahan school Originally a high school Mukdahan district Nakhon Phanom Teaching the year 2491 when the Department of Education , Ministry of Education. Started teaching in the first year of high school through college and school purposes . ( Elementary school district ) is a part of the school’s progress and expand the educational institution that originally gave rise to a very confined space . In addition, the school is the location of the current after school Mukdahan . Was located at the new Mukdahan school has developed , respectively , in terms of collaborating with the community. And community involvement in education. As discussed above, the school should have the honor Diana recorded in the school year 2525 â division was considered to be an outstanding high school . Of a school district 10 and have been granted.

Mukdahan School.png 10 years ago
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