Pibulwitthayalai Lopburi School

Naraimaharat Road,Tambon Talechupsorn,Muang District Lop Buri 15000, Thailand
Thanon Narai Maharach Tambon Tha Hin Chang Wat Lopburi 15000 TH
66 36 411 05166 36 411 051
66 86 131 753166 86 131 7531
66 36 422 612

Address : Naraimaharat Road,Tambon Talechupsorn,Muang District Lop Buri 15000, Thailand

About this school : Pibulwitthayalai School was first called “Wat Saothongthong School” established on the 23rd of July 1899 by the initiation of the abbot, Niem Pummasaro who later was promoted Phra Sangkhawahamunee, a high Buddhist ecclesiastical dignitary. Korasan building was used as the school with 18 students at the beginning. The school was supported by the abbot’s budget to hire teachers. When the school grew to have 150 students, it was expanded to the north of Piju building. Both buildings were used as both office and residence for teachers.

When it was too crowded, a new school was built in Ban Wichayen compound. The main budget was from the abbot, Pra Sangkhawahamunee, some donation from people and some from the government. The school was moved in 1915 and the name was changed to “Wichayen School”. There were three 3 levels then from grade 7 to 9. Boy scouts were also improved and trained by the 3rd Regiment Artillery so as to be able to help with the community work. During these years there were nearly 10 girls so a girl school was built and named it “Satri Lop Buri Lawasri School”.
In 1928 the 3rd Regiment Artillery was abolished. All the buildings were given to
the Ministry of Education.
Ban Wichayen School was then moved to use these building temporarily while a new school was under construction in the north of Wat Prasrirattanamahathat. A 2-storey building and one school building were built and completed in 1930. The Ministry of Education came and had given a new name “Pranarai School’. The school was in progress and expanded up to grade 12 with 300 students and 12 teachers. (Pra Narai School buildings now has been used as a Tourism Authority of Thailand office under the care of the Department of Fine Arts.)

When Field Marshall P. Pibulsongkhram became the Prime Minister he developed Lop Buri to be a military center and made a new city plan from the railway lines to the new town or Muangmai. He also foresaw the future of education; the old school would be too small and the old 3rd Artillery regiment was spacious enough for the new school buildings, accordingly the first building or Tuk 1 was built under the Ministry of Defense budget. In 1937 the school was moved to the new school with a new name “Pibulwitthayalai School”, the name of the Prime Minister to be an auspicious name. The same year the second building or Tuk 2 and a cafeteria were built but unfortunately the second world war broke out and the school became the residence of the Japanese soldiers while students had to use temples as temporary classroom until the war was over.
In 1979 the school became too big with 5,400 students and 320 teachers; accordingly, it was separated into two schools. A new school was built to be a lower secondary school called “Pranarai School” which is located in Tambon Thasala, Muang District, Lop Buri.
Nowadays Pibulwitthayalai School has been the first and only high school (grade 10- 12 or Matthayomsuksa 4-6) upcountry. It’s a big size school with about 3,000 students and 163 teachers, 78 classrooms and various programs such as science-math, Math-Eng., English-French, English-Japanese program, and etc. The school is situated in the center of the town. There are 6 main buildings and many others in the area of ______ rai.Are with a big football field in the front.
Pibulwitthayalai School has long been famous from past to present for 107 years and continually developed by many generations of directors and teachers. Accordingly, the school has had very good reputation and had taught students to become good citizen in the Thai society who have worked successfully in various professions.

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77 Soi Eakatod, Naraimaharad Rd., Muang Lopburi, Lop Buri, Thailand 15000 0 km
+66 8 6409 0027+66 8 6409 0027
+66 2 6157374
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+ 66 36 446 174
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