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About ADZU

The Ateneo de Zamboanga began in 1912 as Escuela Catolica, a parochial school run by Spanish Jesuits at the old site of the Immaculate Conception Church, right across the Sunken Garden. Fr. Manuel M. Sauras, S.J. was the first director.

In 1916, the Escuela Catolica became the Ateneo de Zamboanga.
In 1930, the American Jesuits took over from the Spanish Jesuits with Fr. Thomas Murray, S.J. as the first American director. Classes were also held in the Knights of Columbus (K of C) buildng, now the site City Theater.

The first high school students graduated from Ateneo in 1932.

In 1938, a library was built on the first floor of the K of C Building. A facade, an auditorium, and an annex were also built. John Shinn was appointed headmaster of the Grade School and Fr. Francis Clark, S.J. became the principal and dean of discipline of the High School. The school was closed during World War II. It was used by the Japanese as a public elementary school until it was shelled and bombed by the

American forces on March 8 and 9 in 1945, prior to the liberation of the city.

The high school reopened in 1947, with a nipa-sawali building on a new site outside the poblacion called Jardin de Chino along Camino Nuevo. It was providential that shortly before the outbreak of the World War II, Fr. Eusebio Salvador, S.J. had bought 18 adjoining lots in that section.

In 1948, the school was officially recognized as a Jesuit school separate from the parish.

The post liberation years were a period of rapid physical, curricular, and enrollment expansion for the school. A college was established in 1952 and the graduate school in 1976.

In the 1980s Fr. Ernesto A. Carretero, SJ started the work to acquire for the Ateneo de Zamboanga a university status. The efforts were continued by when Fr. William H. Kreutz, SJ came as president in 1989. The years of hard work finally paid off when, on August 20, 2001, the Ateneo de Zamboanga was declared a university by the Commission on Higher Education.

Moreover, the school was granted a Fully Autonomous status – one of only 30 higher education institutions in the country to be granted full deregulation and autonomy, and the only one in Western Mindanao. CHED awards full autonomous status to centers of excellence or centers of development with a long tradition of integrity and excellence in education/training, research, and community extension service. CHED also considers the school’s program with Level III accredited status and performance in the government licensure examinations.

The inauguration of Ateneo de Zamboanga as a university was held on December 8, 2001 during the celebration of the Ateneo Fiesta, the Alumni Homecoming and the Feast day of the Immaculate Concepcion, Patroness of the Ateneo.

(Based on “Memories of a Hail Mary School” by Mr. Restituto Banico)

1912Established as Escuela Catholica
1916Ateneo de Zamboanga named
1928High School was established
1952College programs started
1969Designated Citizens National Electoral Assembly Center
1975PAASCU Accreditation of High School
1976Graduate School First Programs
1978Designated Regional Center for Center for Educational Measurement
1980Faculty Ranking Structures
1981Made a DOST node for Teacher Training Breeder Sciences
1981PAASCU Accreditation for College Programs
1981Research Development and Planning Office (RDPO) Established
1981Set up the Summer Teacher Institute for Renewal (STIR)
1982Implementation of Unicefs Accelerated Teacher Training for Cultural Communities
1982Ateneo Computer Center(ACC) established
1984Campus Ministry (CM) established
1984Named a NAMFREL Center
1984Began Non-Formal Education Program in Manicahan
1986Ateneo Business Resource Foundation, Inc. (ABRFI) established
1986Joined Mindanao University Science Consortium
1987Learning Resource Center (LRC) Building Inaugurated
1987PAASCU Accreditation for all College level III
1987Social Awareness and Community Services Involvement (SACSI) established
1991Designated Institute for Local Governance and Administration (ILGA)
1992Designated FAPE Center for Graduate Studies in 2 programs
1992Institute of Cultural Studies for Western Mindanao(ICSWM) established
1993Received DOST Science Grant
1993PAASCU Accreditation for Grade School
1994Civil Service Commission MBA Scholars for Region IX assigned to ADZ
1994Online Library Catalogue put in place
1994Zamboanga Medical School Foundation, Inc. established
1994Zamboanga Cathechetical Institute (ZCI) set up
1996Center for Community Extension Services (CCES) put up
1996Internet Service Provider for Schools ZAMBONET
1996Named a Professional Basic Education (PROBE) node
1996ADZ WEB SITE put in the Internet
1997Recepient of CHED Information Technology Grant
1997Designated CHED Mindanao Advanced Education Project (MAEP) node
1997Center for Local Governance put up with Philippine Business for Social
Progress (PBSP) support
1997Ph.D. Programs inaugurated
1997Staff Ranking begins
1998Named CHED Center of Development for Business and Management Education
1998Began Ignatian Spirituality for Education Workshop (ISEW) Formation Program
1998Local Government Support Program (LGSP)
1999Ateneo Information Technology Center (AITC) established
1999Ateneo Peace Institute established
1999Named CHED Center of Development for Information Technology
2000Basilan Intervention Program began
2000Faculty Chairs started
2000Institute for Human Resource and Organization Development System
(INHRODS) established
2001New College Building completed
2001Multi-Purpose Covered Courts completed
2001Granted University Status by CHED
2001Granted Full Deregulation and Autonomy by by Commission on Higher Education
2002Research, Development and Planning Office renamed as Ateneo
Research Office (ARO)
2003Ateneo Research Office renamed as Ateneo Research Center (ARC)
2004College of Arts and Sciences split into two new colleges: College of Liberal Arts (CLA)
and College of Science and Information Technology (CSIT)
2004College of Commerce and Accountancy renamed as College
of Management and Accountancy (CMA)
2004BSN Professional Program offered
2004School of Medicine given over to ADZU by the Zamboanga Medical School
2004Grade School re-accredited by PAASCU for a period of five years
2004Zamboanga Medical School Foundation (ZMSF) is absorbed by the university and
becomes the Ateneo de Zamboanga University School of Medicine (ADZU-SOM)
2005Groundbreaking of the ADZU Tumaga campus
2006High School in Tumaga opened
2006First installation ceremony of a university president
2006High School classes held for the first time in Tumaga campus
2007College of Liberal Arts renamed as School of Liberal Arts (SLA) with the mandate
to verticalize its programs
2007Office of Personnel Services renamed as Human Resource Administration and
Development Office (HRADO)
2007Fr. Antonio Moreno, SJ formally installed as President
2007Office of Alumni Relations renamed as Office of the Alumni Relations and
Development (OARD)
2007Social Development Council (SDC) created
2007Autonomous status of ADZU granted by CHED for a period of one year
2008Office of the Senior Dean renamed as Office of the Academic Vice-President (AVP)
2008College of Liberal Arts vertically articulated and renamed as School of Liberal Arts
2008Chinese (Mandarin) program offered to Basic Education and some programs
in the tertiary level
2008Computer Center renamed as Center of Information Technology Services (CITS)
2008Research and Publication Council (RPC) created
2008Colleges re-accredited Level III by PAASCU for a period of five years
2008Ateneo Multi-Media Program (AMMP) formally created
2009Center for Leadership and Governance (CLG) created
2009College of Management and Accountancy vertically articulated and renamed as
School of Management and Accountancy (SMA)
2009Institute of Cultural Studies for Western Mindanao and Ateneo Peace Institute
merged into Ateneo Peace and Culture Institute (APCI)
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