Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite College of Law

Governor's Drive General Trias, Cavite
Governor's Drive General Trias Calabarzon PH

About LPU Cavite

Educational Philosophy

Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite, an institution of higher learning, inspired by the ideals of Philippine President Jose P. Laurel, is committed to the advancement of his philosophy and values:

“Veritas et Fortitudo” (truth and fortitude) “Pro Deo et Patria” (for God and Country).


To be a world class university dedicated to innovation and excellence in service to God and Country.


The Lyceum of the Philippines University – Cavite, espousing the ideals of Jose P. Laurel, is committed to the following mission:

  1. Provide equitable access to learning through relevant, innovative, industry-based and environment-conscious programs and services in the context of nationalism and internationalism. – INSTRUCTION and QUALITY SERVICES
  2. Provide necessary knowledge and skills to meet entrepreneurial development and the managerial requirements of the industry. – INSTRUCTION
  3. Establish local and international linkages that will be the source of learning and growth of the members of academic community. – INSTRUCTION and INSTITUTIONALDEVELOPMENT
  4. Advance and preserve knowledge by undertaking research and disseminating and utilizing the results. –RESEARCH
  5. Support a sustainable community extension program and be a catalyst for social transformation and custodian of Filipino culture and heritage. – COMMUNITY EXTENSION
  6. Build a community of God-centered, nationalistic, environment conscious, and globally competitive professionals with wholesome values and attitudes. – PROFESSIONALISM and VALUES

Core Values

L – Love of God J – Justice
P – Professional Integrity N – Nationalism P – Perseverance
U – Unity L – Leadership
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