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Zuellig Avenue, North Reclamation Area, Zumangdaku, Mandaue City 6014 Cebu
F. Cabahug Street Cebu City Central Visayas PH




SSC envisions itself to be a leading international school in Cebu best known for providing high standards of education, deriving exceptional levels of performance from its pupils that keep pace with the achievements of peers in other highly developed countries.


To train pupils to do higher thinking, and prepare them for globalisation. 

Information is now available everywhere, anytime.  Therefore, to be able to prepare for GLOBALISATION, children need to be trained to do higher thinking, apply knowledge and problem solve, more than just memorising facts and information.

Placing equal emphasis on all aspects of human development, SSC’s mission is likewise to develop GLOBAL CITIZENS who are responsible, trustworthy, resilient, diligent, creative and compassionate, living and promoting in others a positive outlook in life.



SSC makes use of world-class, modern teaching strategies and materials that have proven to be more effective in making the children of today learn and meet challenges, as opposed to traditional or conventional methods that are no longer applicable in today’s world.  Our curriculum is designed to give children a positive attitude towards learning and school as a whole.  A positive approach also inspires young people to become more responsible, respectful and resourceful members of their communities.

Every child that attends SSC is recognized for his/her individuality, and the employment of various learning techniques ensures that each type of pupil shall have the opportunity to grasp the concepts presented.  Children are also paired based on their capacity to nurture each others’ strengths and work on their respective weaknesses, as opposed to the traditional ways of grouping according to streams, i.e. all weak together, all strong together.

School days at SSC include training in different interests like sports, martial arts, music, arts classes and others – as part of its holistic program for the development of the child as a “whole” being.

Class size is small, with no more than 10 pupils per PreSchool class, and no more than 20 pupils per Primary and Secondary class, to allow Teachers to monitor more closely.



SSC is non-sectarian.  Civics and Moral Education is taught starting in Primary School.  Optional classes for specific religions are offered after school, and SSC provides support for major milestones in relation to a child’s particular faith.

SSC believes in POSITIVE DISCIPLINE and upholds Asian values.  We require and implement measures to ensure pupils can behave and conduct themselves appropriately.

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