Benefits of Being a Teacher

There are many benefits to be a teacher: there are of course the holidays and week-ends, good working hours and the possibility to have quality time with the family back home. Yet, these are not really the main benefits of being a teacher, they are pleasant addons but the real benefits are of different Nature.

Benefits of being a teacher

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about the benefits of being a teacher is the chance to interact with children and the privilege to keep and nurture that sacred link we tend to lose as we get older and more responsible. Somehow, being a teacher, keeps you connected to the magical reality of things: a world of discovery, a world of friendship, a world of trust and loyalty, a world of wonder, a world of hope, a world of play, fun and silliness, a world of great intellectual activity, and a world constantly changing where boundaries are always pushed further.

The Curve and the Slow

Children open your eyes in a way you would have never thought of as a grown-up, they inspire, they teach, they show different ways -and of course they will literally suck up your blood at time; but at the end of the day the only things that remain in my mind and that really matter are the smile on the face, the tear on the eye, the joy in the heart.

They have values, virtues and depth of the heart, the soul, the mind, and the psyche you would not imagine… they are true and they are compassionate; they are salt and sugar; they are sharp and round; they are steady and fast; they are the curve and the slow that inhabit immortality which, by their side, projects you outside of the clock and the self.

Joy for Joy

Children change the world and we teachers, mentors, have the benefit to guide them through all the changes that occur endlessly while, like in this drawing from one of my students, we are sometime given the fruit of our labour in return: joy for joy.

Joy you give, joy you get.

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