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Mark Dennis Sibayan Odanga – Teacher and Photopgrapher in Thailand



Mark Dennis Sibayan Odanga, BA of science in Nursing, was born in August 7, 1989 in Panggasinan, Philippines. He always had an eye for beauty and a taste for art since his very young age and as time went by, he developed his own style as a photographer –working mainly on portraits (aka portraiture) as well as photographs of the individual person or group of people’s expression, personality, and mood:
“_Of course, the portrait is usually the person’s face, however, the entire body and the background -and/or the context, may also be included to obtain the desire effect and stress up the face’s features as a unity” did he say during the interview.

Mark Dennis moved to Thailand in 2012 where he is currently working as a science teacher for grades 4 to 6 students for a private school of the Chonburi area, and where he works as a photographer for a couple of people and institutions like

If you would like to hire him and need a photographer, please feel free to contact us using the “contact us form” or contact him directly at:

Mobile: 0918194882




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