Bangkapi School

69 Serithai Rd. Klongchan Bangkapi Bangkok 10240
57 Thanon Seri Thai Bangkok Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10240 TH

Address : 69 Serithai Rd. Klongchan Bangkapi Bangkok 10240

About this school : Bangkapi School, which is situated about 15 miles from the center of Bangkok in a village called Klongchan in Bangkok suburbs, is a fairly large co-educational high school in about 49 rai of land (nearly 20 acres of land).
The school was founded by the ministry of Education on March 25th, 1955 as a small secondary school, comprising of one wooden building, 81 students of M.1 level (Grade 7), 2 classrooms, and 3 teachers. The first official teaching day was on May 17th, 1955. The initial development was very slow; the addition of two wooden buildings, and USOM supplying the school with some instructional aids (typewriters and other devices) occurred in 1957. Mr. Sawat Phonpoke was the first principal appointed to work here.
Nowadays the school consists of more than 120 professional teachers in charge of diverse tasks as appropriately designated. In the school there are 5 large teaching blocks, 2 multi-purposed buildings, 2 workshops, an old Thai style house, a standard swimming pool, a football pitch, a volleyball court, 3 basketball courts, and approximately 3,200 students who fall into 72 classrooms from M.1 (Grade 7) to M.6 (Grade 12). This makes the school one of the extra large secondary schools in Bangkok.
The syllabi used in the school are provided to make education available to the large number of students who desire training and preparation for many diverse vocational goals and branches of knowledge according to the school national curriculum that emphasizes on basic needs and different individuals at all levels of the students. It is a must for the junior and senior high school students to earn a minimum of 80 and 75 units of study relatively to meet the requirement for their graduation. To fulfill this goal the school has added over the years many varied courses to suit the needs of the growing metropolis.
Giving the students education requires more than merely teaching them knowledge. It requires the right way to help them and bring them up to attain their potential in both challenging and demanding. The task needs patience, dedication and vision. It is therefore essential that parents and teachers work together to avoid a mismatch of values that can lead to emotional conflicts within the student. So the Student Care and Support System of the school was established to be an important channel of communication between the school and home. It serves to strengthen the positive relationship that we have with our parents.
The progress and the prosperity of the school happen smoothly due to the best co-operations of all the school staff, especially the School Director, who always upholds the standards of excellence in management that lead us to the rapid growth and make us achieve all the objectives required. To utilize the new technology including computers in administrating, learning, teaching, and having the Internet to make the students get knowledge and communication worldwide is our principal policy.
The school currently recognizes 5 work days a week; Monday through Friday. It’s work hours per week day are from 08:45 a.m. to 15:45 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays are considered as the school’s weekly holidays. In each academic year, there are two semesters divided as follows:

Semester 1 : From May 16th to September 30th
Semester 2 : From November 1st to April 1st

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48/9 Ramkhamhaeng Road 60/3 Ramkhamhaeng Road Bangkapi, Bangkok, 10240 Thailand 0.44 km
(+66) 027350956(+66) 027350956
(+66) 0812715235(+66) 0812715235
(+66) 027354748
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+66 02310-8599 ext. 1020
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089-005-5599, 081-650-0047089-005-5599, 081-650-0047
0-2379-7239, 08-1847-0337, 08-1650-00470-2379-7239, 08-1847-0337, 08-1650-0047
Room408,4th Floor Sukhothai building, Ramkhamhaeng University (Huamark campus) Huamark,Bang Kapi, Bangkok, Thailand 10240 1.46 km
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0-2310-8895 to 90-2310-8895 to 9
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school with flag small.png
Sammakorn Bangkapi Bangkok Thailand 2.71 km
8/8 Krungthep Kreetha Soi 15 Yaek 4 (Surao Yai), Krungthep Kreetha, Hua Mak, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok 10240 2.82 km
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