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Government Center Col. Bonny Serano ave San Juan Metro Manila
528-B P.Guevarra Street San Juan Metro Manila PH
We welcome you on behalf of Fountain International School and thank you for showing interest in us.
The modern world obliges our students to have a more sophisticated range of skills than it ever has before. In our world which has
become even more interconnected and globalised, probably the most essential skills are communication, collaboration, critical-
thinking, risk taking, intercultural awareness, international-mindedness and life-long learning. FIS is a remarkable learning place in
which individuals from over 20 nationalities teach, learn and grow every single day. Our students contribute to their own lives as
well as the lives of others and the school, which I believe is a vital thing that a school can give to its students.
FIS shares your yearning to prepare your children for the unimaginable future. We give them the opportunities to explore and help
them prosper when they grow. Our school provides an education that combines high academic standards with a truly international
personal perspective and good character.
We seek to prepare pupils for the leadership that this world needs. At the campus, the students can focus on their own academics
and develop the strategies for making a real difference in the lives of their own and their communities. FIS not only benefits from
the enormous cultural and technological resources of the Philippines but also from the relationship the school has with the local
and the international communities.
We hope you are able to take the opportunity to browse this website and find out more about our school. If you require further
information about the school that cannot be located on this site, please feel free to contact us directly.
Committed to provide dynamic educational experience through globally relevant and intensive academic and non-academic
programs, acquiring solid competencies in critical thinking, creative problem solving, value judgment, consensus building,
informed decision making and technical literacy.
To develop well-rounded and globally competitive individuals.
Cultivate discipline, self-reliance, responsibility and acceptance of other cultures.
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