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Background introduction:
In 1946, a year after the successful August Revolution, while our people are trying to build new Vietnam and determination to protect the results of the revolution has won, Uncle Ho had established sports sector prepared for the formation and development of the sport in Vietnam.
Sports Foundation initially formed from 1946 infancy. The primary objectives of sport to serve revolutionary people’s health, contribute to nation building Vietnam and protect the revolution. Goals shown superiority in Vietnam against the background old social sport before 1945.
May 12/1946 French colonialists invaded our country back side, the resistance nationwide boom. Soon after the Party Central Committee, the Government and President Ho Chi Minh on Vietnam War Zone North to lead the people to resistance. Gymnastic Movement newly formed several months and is on track to grow again go to war.
After the restoration of peace in 1954, the North completely liberated, conducted socialist revolution. And the State Party, headed by President Ho Chi Minh was reorganized sports sector, restore and develop the sport for the people and for the country. The Party and State have issued many directives and resolutions on the work of sport in order to gradually build a socialist background sport flourished, balance and ethnicity, and modern people. Uncle Ho only look for water sport served the people’s health, the hope: “Our people, our country everyone is healthy, wealth and power.”
Since 1957 the North conducted 3 year plan for economic recovery, development of culture; implementing the social reforms and private enterprise capitalism, build agricultural cooperatives, handicraft. Education sector and sorrow meet learning needs enormous and urgent of the people, just worry initially built premise socialist schools, private schools, renovate, build private schools system. Schools must build a tool of the proletariat, “bastion of socialism”; schools must be associated with life, with productive labor and revolutionary practice in order to train new workers. Which pedagogical schools must be built into the “center of heavy industry” Education sector. Catholic pedagogy graduates must become political cadres of the Party, and you’re ready to meet the requirements of revolution, just as the core force of cultural education in schools, said guide students experiment, practice, productive labor, cultural activities, be fine … must have love for people, love the students, love teaching …
Care for network building schools fast enough pedagogical training and retraining of teachers to meet the demand timely development of education in quantity and quality gradually improving. Since 1956 the Ministry of Education building in Cau Giay pedagogy. School senior teacher at Central Campus (located in Nanning-China) is built into the Hanoi National University of Education consisting of the faculty, training 3 years, recruiting students in grades 9, 10 secondary classes Information (in teachers of Hanoi National University of Education with teacher Nguyen Truong Tuan teaching physical education); The Ministry established 16 secondary school teachers’ intercity and some large provincial teacher training level 2 under the 7 + 2. Since 1958 the Ministry of Education to build some pedagogical institutions under the Ministry as Pedagogy Preschool Central, Teacher Training School of grade I and grade gym teacher, music class, art.
In 1959, the exercise classes including 100 student teachers were recruited pedagogy of student teachers studying at Hanoi National University of Education. Mr. Truong Quang enemy officers of the Ministry of Sports has directly recruited. The initial selection difficult because much of student teachers studying to become teachers of culture, now recruited into teacher training fitness class is new. But after Mr. Do Duc Uyen – Secretary of Party Committee thoroughly, motivate, assignment, payroll class was full and ready to learn. Ministry allocated to the Sports Department (directly under the Office) direct the training, teaching and coaching. A core force of Luong Ngoc Diem class teacher, a party member and a youth officer. Class experts from the Soviet Union to teach, train and quickly complete the outstanding tasks, additional staffing, physical education teacher for pedagogical colleges. Master Luong Ngoc Diem has moved from the principal of an elementary school in Bac Giang, and many other teachers teach the subjects of culture, since it entered a new path, the path of Sports, Physical Education and tied both life with this path. After completing his studies he Luong Ngoc Diem was sent to the Sports Division of the Ministry of Education work. Here I met the teacher Truong Quang Enemy (branch police officers were sent to study in China), Vu Huyen, Manh Chi, Do Huu Gi … were very devoted to the cause of fitness Sport and physical education. With functions assigned tasks, the teachers got together to think, to explore, to advise and assist the Ministry to solve difficulties, rapid training of sports teachers needed and very lacking in all levels school.
Complete training gym teacher at Hanoi National University of Education, Ministry of Education continues to open the second layer consists of 90 teachers are teaching grade 1 and some high school students moved into teacher training fitness in Quan Ngua Sport Center of Sports Committee, Mr. Phan Source is made by the Rector, Mr. Nguyen Calculated as Vice Rector. Mr. Truong Quang Luong Ngoc Diem enemy and he is assigned class. Master class by Thuy, Mr. Ngo Duy Gia, United Bich Concessions, she Coast and the other teachers of the Committee of Sports Direct teaching, coaching and quickly complete the outstanding tasks, additional workforce , physical education teacher for pedagogical colleges.
After 3 months of the study period students capable as Mr. Hoang Dinh Ai, Le Van Ly with Mr. Do Huu Gi, Mr. Nguyen Truong Tuan, Mr. Ngo Tu continued open selected third grade gym teacher training at two campuses of the University of Hanoi in Vinh pedagogy (then the Pedagogical University Vinh).
With three classes, with the efforts of the Sports Department and the help of the Soviet experts, the ministry has trained a staff, first gym teacher for Industry, in the rolling and teachers that many people have become the senior management level, solid red bricks to build schools first Intermediate sport. It’s the master: Truong Quang Di, Nguyen Truong Tuan, Do Huu Gi, Luong Ngoc Diem, Ngo Tu Tran Phan Hien, Hoang Dinh Ai, Le Van Ly, Le Xuan Cuong …

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