Hai Phong University of Pharmacy and Medicine

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72a Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm, Hai Phong, Ngô Quyền, Haiphong, Vietnam
72 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm Hai Phong Hải Phòng VN

Mission: Construction and development of the Hai Phong Medical University became the training center for scientific research, technology transfer reputable domestic and international human resource providing high quality health care to meet the needs protection and people’s health care, especially specialized medical training sea – island.

2. Development Directions 2020

2.1. Organizational apparatus and staff

– Develop appropriate staff development training scale, balance ratio ensures faculty / staff and employees; rate faculty / student (1 lecturer on 10-15 students). The number of qualified faculty postgraduate achieve 75- 80%.
– Establishment and Development Faculty of Medicine consists of 08 departments Sea: Center of labor physiology and ERGONOMIE sea, marine environmental medicine, occupational health and occupational disease sea, Epidemiology and Quarantine sea ports ; Sea and Tele-Emergency Medicine, Toxicology sea, underwater medicine and high pressure, Medicine and petroleum islands.
– Establishment of the International Training Department
– Establishment of Center for boarding students
2.2. Training:

Deployment, expanded training disciplines of health sciences group at the university level and postgraduate.
+ Training University: polyclinic doctor, Dr. Teeth and face, doctors Preventive Medicine, Doctor of Traditional Medicine, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Engineering Medicine, Pharmacy Graduate University
+ Postgraduate training:
– Doctor: Public Health, Interior, Foreign, Products, Pediatrics
– MA: Interior, Foreign, Pediatrics, Public Health, Medical sea.
– Dr Grade specialist subjects: Internal, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics, public health, TB and lung disease, Traditional Medicine, Diagnostic Imaging, Family Physicians, stomatological, Eyes, otolaryngology, Biochemistry, family Medicine, Oncology, Psychiatry.
– Specialist secondary subjects: Foreign orthopedic, gastrointestinal Foreign, Interior respiratory, cardiovascular Noi, Obstetrics, Pediatric Kidney Urology, Medical Management, Respiratory Pediatrics, Surgery, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine.
– Inpatient hospital: Internal, surgery, obstetrics, pediatrics.
+ Continuous Training (Certification)
+ Links with overseas training
– Scope of Training: Average annual training schools 1500 – 2000 students and graduate students for the industry code
Training, links with foreign countries: the number of students, trainees, depending on the actual needs and capabilities of the department.
Prioritize the training of health workers for coastal regions and maritime economic zones in the country.
2.3. Scientific research and technological development

– Continue to increase the quantity, quality, scale, management level and scope of the application of scientific research Biomedical, including: State-level projects, projects of Ministry, theses city, grassroots-level projects.
– Faculty: basic research, applied research and technical implementation of new technologies.
– User key priorities:
+ Medical research community combined with in-depth implement the care and primary health protection.
+ Look at the field of medicine contribute to improving maritime occupational health at sea and the coastal areas of the People’s islands.
+ Research, application and transfer of high technologies for training and people’s health care 2.4. International cooperation

– To maintain traditional ties and expand relations with universities and international organizations in the region and around the world to: Cooperation in scientific research and training, enlist the help of finance and equipment, and gradually expand and modernize the school according to national standards and international.
– Conduct recognized titles such as professor, lecturer honor individuals who have contributed to the school training.
– Organize conferences, international conferences under the program of cooperation between schools and international organizations in accordance with law.
– Pilot distance training, joint training with universities around the world in a number of areas in which the school is strong.

2.5. Facilities, equipment

– Complete and put into use the 14-storey building investment projects, expand the scale of training schools with 6000 students to use effectively.
– Implement project to build field hospital in Hai Phong Medical University high-tech scale with 400 inpatient beds.
– Continue to implement the project for construction of two University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Hai Phong and Da Phuc Ward, Duong Kinh District, Hai Phong
– Modernization of the lab equipment, laboratories and training center medical skills to meet the requirements of teaching and scientific research and technology. 2.6. Finance

– Ensure the financial resources to meet the needs of training, scientific research, using financial resources with high efficiency.
– Seriously implement Decree 43 / ND-CP of the Government dated 25-4-2006 defined autonomy, self-responsibility for task performance, organizational apparatus, payroll and finance of single public service delivery. Gradually increase the level of support to raise the monthly salary for the staff’s lives.


2.7. The unit served Training – Science and Technology

2.7.1. Hospital Haiphong Medical University:
The hospital is the basis of school practice, to perform their tasks in the field of training and post-graduate university, scientific research. Building hospitals with high technology, application of advanced technologies in the healthcare, catering and the protection of people’s health care.
2.7.2. Information Centre and Library:
2.7.3. Skills Training Center Medical
2.7.4. Center for Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation
2.7.5. Boarding student center
2.7.6. Center for Community Health Research
2.7.7. Regular training center
2.7.8. Center of Scientific and technical services
2.7.9. Journal of Medical Information
2.7.10.Trung information technology center
7.2.11. Labo center
7.2.12. Other centers

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