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360 Đê La Thành, Hà Nội, quận Đống Đa, Hanoi, Viet Nam
360 Đê La Thành Hanoi Hà Nội VN

For the training, scientific research, construction and development of staff, faculty, strengthen the organizational structure of offices, faculty, departments, workshops … enhancing equipment for teaching and learning episode, the last time the school has achieved some encouraging results. However, compared with the actual requirements of industrialization, modernize the country and international economic integration, the school must continue to strive more to perform political tasks that the Party, State’s assigned category, striving to fulfill the plan proposed 2014-2015 school year and plan for the next school year.

To practically celebrating 65th university of Industrial Arts. Stemming from the fact the school in implementing the tasks in the new period to focus on some basic content:

1. Propaganda political and ideological education

Staff, faculty, staff, students, school students continue to strive to better implement the resolutions and conclusions of the Central Conference, especially Resolution eighth Conference Executive Committee Central Party (XI) – Resolution on “Innovation basic and comprehensive education and training to meet the requirements of industrialization and modernization in conditions of socialist-oriented market economy and Assembly international integration “tied to continued implementation of the Central Resolution 4 (XI) and learning to follow the moral example of Ho Chi Minh.

Continue thoroughly and perform mental tasks under resolution XV th Congress of the Party Committee of Hanoi City; Grasping the directives of the Ministry of Education and Training, meeting resolution 2nd party committees of the universities and colleges in Hanoi to staff, faculty, employees and students to master the task of the school year , thereby implementing the assigned tasks. Good governance preparations congress at all levels, towards the XII Congress of the Party.

Good governance learning, improving the thorough understanding of the political and cognitive capacities professionally for staff, faculty, staff, trainees and students.

2. Improving the quality and efficiency Training

Continuing to innovate synchronous training content and methods of teaching, learning, improving training programs and compiling textbooks and materials to serve the training. (Through the conference, seminars on training and scientific research innovation).

Continue associated with scientific research training, linking theory with practice, with production workers, implement training motto “Learning with practice.”

Continue to strengthen and propel research and development activities in a way MTUD order, bringing practical results, contributing to building reputation, brand center, the school and contribute to the improvement of employees live.

Promote professional managers on the implementation of the teaching hours of faculty and student learning, build orderly administration of the training.

Organize and implement the thorough inspection regulation, competition and a level, graduate, ensures objectivity, seriously strict rules of the Ministry of Education and Training.

Deploying and strictly implement the regulation on students, students, boarding regulations, outpatient and regulations evaluate the results of student discipline. While maintaining contact the organization direct dialogue between school leaders with students to grasp the situation of ideological and aspirations of students, help students with motor learning, better training .

Maintain, renew and organizations implement the graduation exams, entrance examinations to ensure safety, quality, compliance regulations.

Continue to strictly implement the campaign to say no to negative in examinations and achievement in education.

Strengthening test, assess and reward student grades, the training system more appropriate to actually have a positive impact on learning, training of students.

Training Strengthening cooperation with countries with experience in Industrial Arts, also pay attention to the development of Industrial Arts Education in the locality.

3. To strengthen the organizational structure of the management, staff training, faculty and build a regular pattern in performing duties and service Training Training

To further strengthen the management apparatus, stable organizational systems – management staff under the new term (2013-2018).

Improving the efficiency of management and ensure the leadership of the Party. Appreciate the cooperation of the mass, that ensure the democratic rights at the grassroots and the leadership of the head of the unit.

Building the school’s civilized lifestyle, healthy, good coordination between the government and unions in schools, create atmosphere unity, promote the mastery of staff, faculty, employees, streamlined staff, trainers, existing employees, to ensure efficiency in performing tasks.

Strengthen training young staff with high education, building staff, faculty sufficient quantity, satisfactory quality capable of teaching, scientific research and application US Arts Industry.

The school is actively working to care for the political and ideological training and create conditions for staff, faculty are expected thematic refresher courses by Ministry of Education and Training held. Actively build staff meet current requirements and long term.

Seriously implement the programs, training plans, professional regulations. Encourage staff, faculty and employees to uphold the spirit of labor discipline, dedication to the job, loving respect for students, deserve a good example for students to follow.

4. Develop infrastructure, take care of life for staff, faculty, employees and students

Continue to strengthen the construction of infrastructure and investment in equipment for teaching, learning and living.

Ensure full implementation and timely policy regime for officials, teachers and students in accordance with state regulations on wages, scholarships, regular wage increase each year, study, vacation , vacation, study tours, reward. Resolving the backlog and implement strict regime retire existing policy regime.

Strive to maintain and enhance the annual bonus than to contribute to improving the material life and spiritual faculty members, employees and students. Budget savings, strengthen development research center and develop MTUD, consolidate, maintain and exploit revenues from services and other revenues.

Pursuant to the decree of the government, the circulars of the actual financial and schools, construction of internal spending regulations to ensure the balance between revenue and expenditure timely response activities to ensure public , democracy, fairness in schools.

Building green schools, clean, beautiful, and coordinate with the local government for ensuring security and safety agencies.

65th Anniversary of establishment of the University of Applied Art is an opportunity to review, assess the achievements of the past period, draw the lessons from history are clear advantages and disadvantages to find out what the next step. Also is the occasion staff, faculty, employees and students to express emotions, their responsibilities for building history and development of the school, trust the new step in his career Training University of Applied Art creation, worthy of 65 years of construction history, development and maturation.

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