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Mission and goals
Construction and development of the University Finance – Business Administration become multidisciplinary University, advanced in the areas of Accounting, Finance and Business Administration of Vietnam, have a reputation in the region and world, a center of education quality and continuously improve, the training methods are constantly being renewed and perfected, a prestigious center in the field of vocational training in Accounting, Finance – Banking, Business Administration and Economic Information Systems. A cultural center is to provide society with personnel, college educated enough political qualities, moral, cultural and professional capacity to adapt to environmental conditions are changing and meet bridge industrialization, modernization and international integration of Vietnam.
2. Development Goals of University Finance – Business Administration
2.1 Overall objectives
Construction Finance University – School of Business Administration diversified into training towards practical skills; comprehensively strong towards standardization and modernization (standard on curriculum, teaching staff, material and technical basis of teaching, management systems).
2.2 Objectives of the training ahead
Asian. Regarding the quality: “Training bachelor diversified, with practical skills, high moral character and in good health, implementation of operational expertise in economic management for state management agencies , medium and small enterprises in all economic sectors, economic sectors in the way of industrialization, modernization and economic integration “.
b. In volume:
– With 4 branches and 9 specialized training:
+ Sector Accounting
Training objectives: Training BA Accounting political quality, morality and good health; socially responsible; master the basic knowledge about economic, political and social; master knowledge and specialized skills in accounting; designing and operating the accounting system in the accounting unit; independent thinking; research capacity replenish as required knowledge work.
– Specialized training: Business Accounting and Accountants
+ Industry Audit
Training objectives: Training Bachelor Audit political quality, morality and good health; socially responsible; master the basic knowledge about economic, political and social; master knowledge and specialized skills in accounting-auditing; design and operating system audit in the auditor; independent thinking; research capacity replenish as required knowledge work.
– Specialized training: Audit
+ Industry Finance-Banking
Objective: Training college Bachelors degree in Finance and Banking political quality, morality and good health, with social responsibility; master the basic knowledge of economics, management and business administration; have knowledge and specialized skills in Finance and Banking; independent thinking; self-learning capacity additional knowledge meet the requirements of the job.
– Specialized training: Corporate Finance, Banking, and specialized Appraisal Tax
+ Business Management Sector
Objective: Training Bachelors in Business Administration with political quality, morality and good health, with social responsibility; master the basic knowledge of economics, management, social and humanities; have knowledge and specialized skills in management and administration of the type of enterprise in the market economy and international integration; thinking independent research; research capacity replenish as required knowledge work.
– Specialized training: general business administration
+ Sector Economic Information System
Bachelor’s Training Management Information System have political quality, morality and good health, with social responsibility; master the basic knowledge of economics, management and business administration; In-depth knowledge, updating of information systems; likely to supplement their research knowledge to adapt to the work environment; qualified organization information systems to solve problems and create new opportunities in management and business administration.
– Specialized training: Informatics – Accounting
In the future will be extended and specialized trades in the direction of depth, consistent with the trend of economic integration.

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