57 Nguyễn Khoa Chiêm, tp. Huế, Thua Thien Hue, Vietnam
57 Nguyễn Khoa Chiêm tổ 17 tp. Huế Thừa Thiên Huế VN

In the tradition of 55 years of construction and development of Hue University, the University of Foreign Languages ​​is actively transforming itself and gradually improved in all aspects, and strive to become a leading university in the region and around country of teaching, scientific research and technology transfer in the areas of language, language – culture … On the basis of the foreign language departments of the member schools in Hue University, the school was shaped established and operated independently since July 2004. Since its founding, the University of Foreign Languages ​​has not stopped growing, maintaining and developing the existing strengths and constantly open educational sector codes create, increase annual enrollment targets. The language is being trained at the school including English, French, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Thai … and training sectors include education, border-interpreting, language and culture tourism … Besides the traditional fields of study, the school has established the School of International Studies, Vietnam Study, Study Australia … In addition, the school has implemented many projects to train students, Session translation, international language certificates and language majors orders sports partner schools, agencies and enterprises. Schools create conditions for students to study forms of learning diversity, flexibility as formal, non-formal, work-study, connected, remote link, concentrate, concentrate sale … to meet the increasing demand for training of human resources for economic development, local society and country.

The mission of the College of Foreign Languages ​​- Hue University is defined as follows: “Training and scientific research on language and culture in order to constantly improve the language skills and cultural understanding of Vietnam first of all the people in Central and Highlands and foreigners for understanding and cohesion among nations in the region. ”

Organizational structure

The university has 9 faculties (English, Russian, French, Tien Trung, language and Japanese culture, language and Korean culture, English majors, International Studies, Vietnam Studies), 5 room functional, five affiliated centers with a total staff: 250 people. Within 5 years from the date of its establishment, the school has been actively encouraging retraining staff. Currently the school has 05 PGS, 19 TS, 107 Masters, 45 GVC, 76 teaching contract staff, technicians and service personnel. This figure is constantly increasing and it is estimated in the next 5 years will increase the staff’s team have distance learning higher education up to 70%.

Teaching staff and management, training of school catering has always been to create conditions to improve their professional qualifications. Work style of cadres dynamic, efficient, have high qualifications, have good language skills and flexibility … is one of the strengths contribute to the stability and development Universities Foreign Language – Hue University.

The training and scientific research

Most of the school teachers have been training with Master’s degree, PhD in advanced countries such as the UK, Belgium, USA, New Zealand, Russia, Japan, France, Australia, China … Every year continue to send young teachers trained abroad under the scholarship program associate, international cooperation, state scholarship, fellowship development between the two countries. The team of teachers is formally trained, qualified, experienced professionals and modern teaching methods has met the training requirements of credits with the goal of improving the quality that the school is moving toward.

With a size of nearly 3000 full-time students and nearly 1,500 non-formal students and graduate students, the school is creating favorable conditions for students, trainees selected flexible forms of formal training, informal regulations, work-study, second degree, studying simultaneously 2 programs, accreditation, convert … to meet the demand for employment of students, future students.

Thanks to the development orientation of international cooperation in the field of education, the school has a lot of affiliate programs with educational institutions abroad such as 1 + 3, 2 + 2, 3 + 1 for English , Chinese, Vietnamese, English-Vietnamese bilingual exchange programs and short-term internships with universities in the United States, Thailand, China. Thus, students may have access to advanced curriculum with international quality but not necessarily the whole time abroad.

In the period 2005-2010 there were nearly 100 scientific research topics at all levels are staff, faculty and students perform. In recent years, particularly the emphasis on investment in scientific research work of young professionals and students, the school’s Notice was first released 10 number in 2005-2010, including the Journal foreign language. Scientific Proceedings of the student movement also reflects the scientific research studies and foreign language students.

The school has maintained the organization’s annual scientific conference with the topical theme in management training and training … on the basis of collaboration with domestic universities and some schools and organizations foreign officials. Several seminars and international schools typically includes “translation work”, “American Studies”, “Links and training with foreign partners”, “English for all” … Where repeatedly held official or scientific organization directing the many seminars, scientific seminars, training courses, thematic reports by experts, foreign scientists report.

Currently school has 14 training programs:
1. Faculty of English, 02 Major: English language, teaching English.
2. Department of French, 02 sectors: Language French, French Pedagogy.
3. Faculty of Russian, 03 branches: the Russian language, teaching Russian, Russian-English Bilingual.
4. Faculty of Chinese, 02 branches: Chinese Language, Chinese Pedagogy.
5. The Department of Agriculture and the Korean Culture, Sector 01: Korean Language.
6. Faculty of Agriculture and VH Japan, 01 Major: Japanese Language.
7. Faculty of International Studies, 01 Major: International Studies.
8. Vietnam Science School, Sector 02: Vietnam learn, Vietnamese to foreigners.
9. Faculty of English majors: Teaching foreign languages ​​and English two majors for School and member schools in Hue University.

The training programs at tertiary level of school provides learners with extensive knowledge of the language, culture – foreign literature; train and develop the skills to communicate in a foreign language proficiency level; allows students to gain professional qualifications are relatively stable, such as language teaching at all levels, working in the wings – interpreters in the field of economy – culture – social, initially formed the scientific research capacity in language, literature or culture abroad, as well as capable of operating nge in some other service activities such as guided tours, museums, trade …

About Specialized: After the second year, students of the following will be considered for admission under subjects based on their intent to enroll and study results:

Industry English Pedagogy: Pedagogy English, Primary English Teachers’.
Industry English Language: English Language Arts, English Interpreter, English Translation, English Tourism;
Sector French Language: French Literature, French Translators, French Translation, French Tourism;
Language Industry China: Chinese Literature, Chinese translators, Chinese Translation, Chinese Commerce.
International Studies: American Studies, International Relations
Japanese language industry: Agriculture & Japanese Culture, Japanese Pedagogy.

Linking training and internships abroad: Training Institution with universities in China, Japan, South Korea in the form of 2 + 2 (2 years in school, 2 years of study abroad), 1 + 3 (1 academic year at school, 3 years of study in a foreign country) with the Chinese industry, Korean Tourism Language – Culture, Korea, Japan.

School links with universities in China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Korea, Japan, USA, Australia … organized for students of the 1-3 month internship abroad.

Student of Russian language and Russian-English bilingual feature annual scholarship to study in Russia from 1-4 years.

The interests of students: Students gain exemptions prescribed tuition general MOET and confirmed study loans while in school. Particularly, the students of Russian-English bilingual branch will be considered exempted fees.

Students with grade point average and academic training as good or excellent encourages scholarship recipients studying under current regulations. The school also promotes learning fund about 50 million to reward students who achieved honors outstanding students and older.

The school also has a scholarship fund for poor students studious 10-15 every year, each production 1 million. In addition, about 50 manufacturing organizations at home and abroad with a total value of about 100 million.

First year students are arranged in dormitory near the school if the need arises.

Students are equipped with soft skills to cope with difficult circumstances related to health, learning methods and skills for employment …; programs and content-rich, flexible and regularly updated in line with the needs of society.

Depending on the skill and ability of self, students can participate in the club: Student volunteers, Arts, Sports, Journalism, Travel Guide … for comprehensive development .

With training programs under flexible credit-based education and science, students have favorable conditions to enroll simultaneously in two different branches of the school or at the University of Hue as: Economics, Tourism , Law, … for the graduation diploma issued two formal with the shortest time.

In addition, students can participate in school to be granted the international language certificates at the school’s Language Centre has links with US institutions, UK, China, Taiwan, …

To have experience of working abroad, students can register for the courses practice under transitional program 1 year at the training base of the branches of English, Vietnamese, Chinese or program short-term internships for sectors in English, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnam Study, International Studies in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and China

Students can use the computer room with internet connection and free wifi to study, study, relax …

As environmental encounter, cultural exchange and professional exchanges, annual School welcomed students and international faculty from the United States, Australia, Britain, France, China, Russia, Ukraine, Japan Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Laos, Campuhia, Singapore facilitates student and staff member is exposed, cultivate more knowledge about language – culture – history abroad.

International cooperation

Development orientation of the school is focused on the development of international cooperation in the fields of training and research, thereby leverage to develop training and other leisure segments of the school. On the basis of upholding the traditional relationship between the United States, Australia, Liu Zealand, Europe, the university also actively seek new partnerships with strategic partners and potential in Asia as Chinese Korea, Japan, South Korea, Thailand … in the fields of higher education, graduate, teacher training, scientific research, program development and compiling textbooks. In the period 2005-2010, the school has signed 20 memorandum, cooperation agreements with institutions and international universities. By various sources, the school has received many foreign lecturers from the UK, USA, Australia, France, Japan, Korea … to teaching and research at the school; also receive students from the United States, China, Thailand, Japan … to learn and practice; making the academic atmosphere of the international bold .. Also through this agreement, hundreds of school students were sent abroad for training and short-term internships in China, Thailand, … Thanks to the successful implementation of international cooperation over the years, the school has received a lot of funding from international organizations, embassies, foreign universities for training and retraining of teachers, physical facilities, teaching-learning equipment, books, videos … serve the teaching, study and scientific research of faculty members, students and students of the school.

Physical facilities and teaching equipment

100% multi-functional classrooms, including computer, projector, DVD player, TV, internet and sound system. Interpreting lab equipped conference interpreters, modern workshops, specialized help students practice interpreting skill improvement. Teaching rooms are equipped with camera systems and audio systems and video editors, help students of pedagogical hone teaching skills. Multifunctional audio lab with more than 60 modern recorders help students practice pronunciation and listening skills and development. More than 100 computers connected to the internet, which has a number of machines installed in corridors and school building performance to support the student internet access convenient and easy.

The emulation titles achieved
– In the 2004-2005: School won the title of advanced labor.

– School year 2005-2006: School won the title of advanced labor.

– School year 2006-2007: School won the title of Labour excellence.

– School year 2007-2008: School won the title of Labour excellence.

– 2008-2009 school year: School won the title of Labour excellence.

+ Thua Thien Hue Provincial People’s Committee awarded certificates of merit 5 year anniversary of establishment of the school.

+ Minister of Education and Training Certificate of Merit 5 year anniversary of establishment of the school.

– School year 2009-2010: School won the title of Labour excellence.

+ Awaiting Decision Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister.

– In recent years the Party Committee and all Sub adapter was awarded Party Committee, Party strong and clean.

– Ever Unions Unions always Hue University graded excellent union strong. Many groups and individuals Industry Trade Union, Trade Union commended Hue University. Special union union Educational Institution Vietnam flag donated unit emulation 2009-2010.

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