HUAY PAN, Thailand: The school children of Huay Pan are getting ready for their afternoon lesson where they will be taught about water.

There is nothing particularly unusual about what their teacher has got planned for them, with one exception. The classroom will be the Nan River, a 740-km tributary that flows through their little village in one of the most remote parts in northern Thailand.

Eight students aged between six and 14 swim to a clearing on the muddy riverbank. They sit in a circle with their teacher and discuss what they have to find out during the class.

“Today, we’ll learn how to find food in the river. Do you see what your parents are doing in the water behind you?” Saranporn “Mon” Ratsiwo asks her students.

“Fishing!” they all reply.

“Your parents will be your teachers this afternoon. So, let’s find out what methods they use to catch fish and what else we can find in the water besides fish, shrimps and seaweed. There may be other things in there,” the teacher says to her excited pupils.

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