Chromatic Assessment Tool (CAT)


Original article in French here and in English here. Appendix [] Please see the different figures, methods, metrics, lexicon and other elements which complete and support our work/finding using the links below:

Algorithm and Input Live Demo of the Chromatic Assessment Calculator – CAC
Grades are limited to 10 units per Chromatic Unit for this demo.

Student end of semester report card sample in Mathematics (software version)
Same as “Algorithm and Input Live Demo of the Chromatic Assessment Calculator – CAC” link above.

Student end of semester report card sample in All subjects (software version)
Report Card in All Subjects + Live Demo

Teachers Input Form & Overall Data View Score – 1 Subject / 1 Classroom (software version)
Input Form + Live Demo

Methods, Metrics and Formulae
All the formulae and methods used to calculate the Chromatic Calculator (CAC) and other Assessment Tools (CAT.)

Chromatic Lexicon
Understand the Meaning of the Different Colors Obtained (aka Chromatic Values, Hex values, or HTML color codes) and how to evaluate and give a grade.

Hand Written Version
For schools and students without computer access.

Color and Language
Meanings of different colors in the French language supporting Goethe’s “Theory of Colours.”

Thinking further
Getting to know more about it; Chromatic assessment and H. Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence ; how to define further goals and chromatic expectation per course, subject, and diploma; chromatic average needed to pass or to go to such or such course; Teacher training; chromatic evaluation as a self reflection of the teacher’s own pedagogy, setting, environment, relationship with students; how to implement the Chromatic Assessment Tool to a more psychological spectrum (academic use versus social-emotional use); Chromatic Assessment Tool and social-emotional and cognitive disorders

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