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Pattaya 5 Government School

One more 7 year old student hit on the face by ruthless Thai teacher

Once more, another story from a non educated Thai teacher using violence in the classroom. That is one more sad event among so many in Thailand… And yet, week after week, month after month, year after year, disregarding of Thai social media and news denouncing such behavior, nothing changes. It just seems to repeat itself endlessly. How can a parent possibly send a child into a school that would verbally and physically abuse their own children?

This time, it was the turn of a 9 year old girl in a mathematis class of Pattaya 5 government school : Jaja. The teacher asked a question, the girl thought and before she knew it she had already received a huge hit with a wooden stick right on the face! An almost normal consequence for being too slow at calculating these days.

This is an unacceptable recurring behavior and, as usual, nothing will happen to the teacher. With a bit of money and a sorry he or she will just continue his/her career as it is. In the country of the smile, Thai Teacher verbal and physical violence at school is something that has sadly become routine.

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