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982/22 Sukhumvit Rd, Ekamai Prakanong, Klong Toey Bangkok, Thailand 10110

Address : 982/22 Sukhumvit Rd, Ekamai Prakanong, Klong Toey Bangkok, Thailand 10110

About this school : Keaes Academics is a one stop service academic tutorial school, which was established in 1996 under the name of Cyber Learners Group. With over eighteen years of experience with academic excellence, we have become successful with an outstanding reputation in teaching students who have gone to many countries, as well as shaping their future in order for them to meet the educational standards demanded in the world of globalization. So as to serve the multiplicity of educational systems both in Thailand and across countries, the school provides a wide range of internationally recognized courses in Thai, British and American curriculums.

Don't work here and don't send your students here!
1.4[ Tuition & Fees 2.50 | Academic & Excellence 0.50 | Amenities & Environment 3.00 | Ambiance & Joy 0.50 | Salary & Increase 0.50 ]

– The ladies in at the front desk are very nice.
– They give you a work permit and work visa.

– They don’t care about their teachers or students.
– Be prepared to come in for a class to find out that it has been cancelled, the previous day. Staff does not check Line after they leave at 7:30, so if you’re morning class is cancelled, you will waste your time going in.
– They consistently put students into the wrong courses, and won’t listen to their teachers about getting them into something more appropriate.
– They severely lack communication skills, so no one knows what’s going on, ever.
– They don’t care if you’re there all day long. I have had 3 classes, but I’m there from open until close. They only care about not scheduling classes for over 8 hours. For almost two months straight, I would leave my house at 8am to return home at 8pm.
– The job posting is incorrect. There is absolutely no flexibility with this language center.
– They don’t train any of their teachers and don’t tell them why students switch teachers.
– Performance reviews are based solely on the reactions of the students, which is unreliable and biased. That could work for the adult students, but not the younger ones.
– The principle has no idea what she’s doing and she doesn’t know how to teach. You can’t ask her any questions because she doesn’t ever know the answers.
– Be prepared to be penalized for not teaching students “tricks” for taking tests. There are no tricks. You can give them strategies, but the only trick is to know vocabulary and understand what is being said.
– They frequently schedule classes back to back for 6 hours or more, so you don’t have time to take a break or eat a meal.
– They just appointed a Head Teacher, but they don’t listen to him about how to improve relations with their foreign staff.
– If you’re working part-time you may barely get 50 hours or less in a month. Their priority is to their full-time staff because they are paid for 100 hours regardless if they work them or not. So don’t start working there unless you want to be full-time.
– They will schedule you at both locations in one day. If you can’t afford to take a taxi, you have to figure out the bus system and take two different buses, while being in the Thai heat. They typically schedule your classes 1.5 hours apart, which is how long it can take you to go from one location to the other due to traffic and the years of construction going on.

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Teacher Review of employment with Keaes
1.0[ Tuition & Fees 0.00 | Academic & Excellence 1.50 | Amenities & Environment 1.50 | Ambiance & Joy 1.00 | Salary & Increase 1.00 ]
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-Helpful when getting visa and work permits
-Desk staff is friendly
-Come in, do your work, and leave
-Newly created head teacher position has the potential to improve working conditions, if the company lets the position implement some policies and procedures.

-Poor communication within the company. Nobody seems to have any idea what is going on.
-Students are not properly placed into an appropriate course level, if you ask for a lower level book or to change to something more suitable for your student the requests are ignored.
-No clear organizational hierarchy. Have an issue that needs resolved and it’s likely to take awhile as you don’t know who in the company can actually help.
-Job advertisements states “flexible working hours and day-offs”. This is a not at all true, there is no flexibility with your working hours. You will have personal days that you can use when you like as long as they are not during June, July or August.
-No team, you won’t know the people you work with. The company does nothing to create a team environment. Teachers are assigned classrooms and that is basically where you will spend your time while on property.
-The company doesn’t provide any training at the start of your employment or any opportunities during your employment. If you are hoping to learn new skills for your teaching career this is not the place to do so.
-No teaching evaluations, students might drop you as a teacher if they don’t like you or your teaching style or have a problem with you. Nobody within the company will tell you this, the student will just be removed from your schedule. The company doesn’t evaluate you at all through any means besides what students say about you. This makes it difficult to improve your teaching as you don’t know where the students or company think you fall short.
-Two locations are treated as if they are the same place. Using the bus it can take between 1.5-2hours to travel from the Ekamai branch to the Ramkhamhaeng branch. Sometimes teachers will be asked to work at both locations and the time provided to get between them can be tight. Finding housing that puts you between the two locations can be difficult so it is likely you will have some days with a long commute as you have to be at a location far from your accommodation. The Ramkhamhaeng branch is not on any current bts or mrt lines and the construction of the future lines can make traffic congested in that area.
-Along with the previous point, you might see signs that one location is closed for a holiday but you will need to check with the other location if you work there on the stated day. The two branches observe different holidays.
-The principal seems to lack teaching experience related to the center. When you ask for advice on something it is likely that she will direct you to ask someone else or tell you she has not dealt with a similar situation.
-The center has been asked by teachers if there is a way to inform them of morning cancellations, the school staff does not check Line or emails between close and open or the branch so any cancellation in this time will not be handled until opening. If you have a morning class you might arrive to find it has been canceled which might leave you sitting around the school until the afternoon with nothing to do depending on your schedule. Not a huge issue, but it would be nice to have more open communication as some teachers have to make a long commute to get to one of the locations.
-No clear goal of the company, obviously teachers have to goal of educating the students but the company overall doesn’t seem to have this same goal. It seems some positions with in the organization have other goals which come before education.

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