Ho Chi Minh City University of Sport II

Block 6, Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, HCMC. HCM
90 Kha Vạn Cân Hồ Chí Minh VN

Criterion 1: The mission of the Sports University in HCM City

Criterion 1: The mission of the Sports University City: To be determined in accordance with the functions, tasks, resources and development orientations of the school; consistent and aligned with the strategy of economic development – local economic development and the country …

– Direction of school activities at the request of the school and society.

– Creating a culture of quality teaching – modern, self-learners lifelong learning opportunities.

-Triet To apply information technology in management and in training.

– Increased competitiveness ensuring sustainable development of the University.

* Strengths:

– University Sport City determined mission and vision to 2015 and 2020; sets out the specific tasks and build functioning of each unit (27 units); through specific statutes panel of each unit. Based on these conditions and ensure the existing resources of the school for physical facilities, human resources, teacher qualifications (degrees, distance learning). From that vision outlined plans for developing mission schools by diverging to the specific stages 2010-2015-2020. When developing human resources and the development orientation of the field associated with specific strategic objectives consistent with the views of economic development goals of HCM 2020. Social Vision and mission schools were informed mangcua Full information and publicity in magazines and Web sites of schools.

– The vision and mission of the school was held by the United Kingdom NQA assessment and accreditation of the quality of QMS ISO 9001: 2008 – Quality Be city associations recognized as members.

* The existence and action plans:

+ These exist:

– Integration globalization trend is not strong, influenced by the global economic crisis, the needs of the school are great, but in terms of condition facility lacking.

– Functions and duties have specified but in the process of implementing some of the problems entangled particularly coordinated.

– Awareness of the learning society, the society of information and choose to practice the sport for life is still limited.

– Awareness and Action to realize the vision and mission of the school to the objects also some drawbacks.

+ Corrective action:

– Be proactive and positive, constructive stimulus measures to create healthy competition in the whole school.

– Raising of awareness and responsibilities of each staff and faculty comply with the functions and tasks of each unit and the job description of the individual need to improve.

– To promote the coordination of the implementation process work between units in the field in order to improve efficiency and quality.

– Raising awareness through regular dissemination of information on the vision and mission to be a complete hotel and accurately, thereby helping people to understand, know and perform well our mission and vision to School development, current and future trend of regional integration and the world.

Rating criteria 1: DAT

Criterion 2: The objective of the Sports University HCMC:

Defined matching training objectives university level stipulated in the Law on Education and the school vision mangcua ambassador has been declared and public dissemination; periodic review, supplement, adjust and fully implementing specific to the object and society

1. The program of study, modules / subjects of the training grant is always improving in line with the requirements of the future of Vietnam and the ASEAN region. Ensuring lifecycle program not exceeding 3 years.

2. 100% of the module / course of Faculty / Department syllabi have been approved before the lecture.

3. 90% of registered teachers and conducting innovative teaching methods towards learner-centered.

4. 90% of students do not violate regulations, rules of the University, especially the competition rules.

5. Management of safety scores, exactly 100%.

6. Since the academic year 2008-2009 organize training credits in undergraduate school.

7. To test the recognition quality of MOET in 2009.

8- The level of satisfaction in teaching students is 75%.

9. The level of quality to meet the requirements of training for the employment of 75%

* Strengths:

– Since its establishment, the school has identified common goals and objectives consistent with the development of the school through specific stages, Vietnam has become a member of the World Trade Organization World (WTO) in the integration with the current international. Sports University HCM City in particular and higher education system in Vietnam in general need to reform the sector works to improve the quality of teaching and learning to meet the learning needs of society, the information society and training high quality human resources to meet the needs of society contributing to raising Vietnam sporting achievements in the arena area and the world’s continents.

– The implementation of standardized field activities, develop legislation consistent with the policy guidelines and strategic policies for higher education development in Vietnam in the 21st century vision, mission network, objectives, quality policy has been correct information and complete in magazines, information on the site cuatruong.

– The aim of the school was determined in accordance with the functions, duties and resources of the school, expressed through the documents related to the history of establishment and development of the school, the resolutions of the United Party Congress and is concretized in the conference officials and employees of the unit annually and the whole school.

* The existence and action plans:

+ These exist:

– As a special case in the field of arts and culture – sport should force teachers, lecturers prone dominant in other areas as also organize competitions, participation monitoring, arbitration of sport , the games, training for local units, on duty in the national team.

– As of coordination to achieve the objective in achieving high efficiency.

– Budgets for schools remains limited (Public schools are governed from the state budget should not independent budget autonomy)

– Where is the research in the country and abroad in the field of sport has less. The facilities cater to teaching and learning is not fully guaranteed.

– Transfer of research results to the field of science and technology in recruitment and training to the units that have not been widely disseminated.

+ Corrective action:

– Since the academic year 2008 – 2009 and the continuing propaganda popularized in many cases the objectives of different forms on Web pages, the mass media, and the introduction of quarterly offers Information published by the magazine (Was the Ministry of Information – Communications licensing), periodic consultation from the recruiting agencies and alumni at the annual summer festival. Enhanced staff training young successor mission to serve well for science teaching school.

– There are plans to raise the awareness and responsibility of staff employees, officers and trainers, to perform functions and duties assigned to them.

– Please undertakings and if the permission of the managing unit Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to the school established an additional unit: Advisory Center Services Sports to transfer the results of research in the field of sport activities to units with demand.

– Strengthen scientific research in new areas, to complement the university’s materials and better serve the teaching, study, study of the application of science and technology transfer, increase international cooperation with foreign countries for additional documentation and regularly updated with new knowledge and contribute to improving teaching methods in order to constantly improve the quality of recruitment, training and scientific research of school

– Make use of existing facilities while upgrading, namely renovating the hall, raised floors to ensure facilities for teaching and scientific research. Organizing training courses to update knowledge of the local unit.

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