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102 Hùng Vương, thành phố Tam Kỳ, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam
Hùng Vương tp. Tam Kỳ Quảng Nam VN

Quang Nam University was established in June 2007, pursuant to the Chairman of Quang Nam People Committee’s Decree No. 1686/QĐ-UBND dated September 3, 1997 on the basis of Quang Nam Teacher Training Secondary. In 2000, Minister of Education and Training signed the Decree No. 4845/QĐ-BGD&ĐT-TCCB dated November 11, 2000 to upgrade from  Quang Nam Teacher Training Secondary to Quang Nam Teacher Training College. In 2007, Quang Nam University was founded on the upgrading of Quang Nam Teacher Training College following  Decree No. 722/QĐ – TTg by the Government.

Currently, the university has 8 divisions, 12 faculties and 4 centers. The university trains 13 majors at undergraduate level, 13 majors at junior college level and 02 majors at vocational school level. Besides the training in main full-time mode, the university also trains the in-service mode. The university’s total number of students is 6430. The university has 335 cadres and lectures with 327 principal cadres and 8 visiting professors, 155 of which are doctors and masters. The university has currently 180 personnel.

During the upgrade period from 2007 to now, Quang Nam University has made constant renovations as well as promote the quality in all activities which aim at being a high quality center in training and scientific research for Quang Nam Province so as to verify a high position in the national university system. The university has achieved remarkable results in training, scientific research and other activities and honorably received the Third-Class Labor Medal by President in 2007.

  • Mission:

Quang Nam University is a multi-level, multi-disciplinary university; a training center for teachers and academic staff in vocational school level, junior college level, undergraduate level; a prestigous center for education – training, scientific research in the field of basic sciences and science education in order to efficiently contribute to the economic-social development of region as well as play a principal role in the Central area and Western Highlands.

  • Vision:

Quang Nam University is a major regional university of the Central area and Western Highlands of Vietnam; a prestigous center for training and scientific research to keep pace with reputable regional universities, to approach and integrate into universities worldwide. Quang Nam University offers a high quality environment in undergraduate education and scientific research so as to guarantee for students a highly-competed ability and adapt to the development of the education system after graduating.

  • Core Values:

After more than 15 years of establishment, development and growth, Quang Nam University always treasures dynamism, creativity, honesty, responsibility, the ability to live and work in a multi-cultural environment.

– Dynamism is the virtue of staff members as well as students needed in chalenging and changing environments.

– Creativity is the essence and objective of higher education, aims to build knowledge in a knowledge society and economy. Creativity is both a goal and a mean for the development of higher education.

– Honesty is an important humanity virtue. Training and scientific research must honest. For this reason, higher education has just a great significance towards the development and prosperity of the country.

– Responsibility is a job requirement. It is responsible for the product which is human, for oneself and for community.

– The ability to live and work in a multi-cultural environment: The world is getting smaller not only in space but also in time. Material boundary is loosing its traditional significant. Competition in all aspects of life as well as in higher education is a practical experience. This is also a motivation so as to promote higher education. However, competition must be accordance with cooporation, thus, more than ever, the ability to work and live in a multi-cultural environment is significant.

  • The development viewpoint

The philosophy of development: “Creating opportunities together”.

Higher education where people can promote one’s ability, knowledge, skills as well as necessary virtues of life in a modern world. However, these factors do not come naturally, but are acquired through together build and develop. Hence, the philosophy “Creating opportunities together” to promote one’s ability, knowledge or other moral virtues must be a continual red thread for Quang Nam University’s activities. People go to Quang Nam University who are responsible for creating opportunities to develop together.

The main tasks of university towards 2020 are renovate the operating management, accomplish the syllabus and training organization, improve  the credit-based training system, renovate the teaching method, attract financial investments, complete and develop facilities, expand international cooperation, accomplish the Quang Nam University’s organization system in accordance with the demand of the new development stage.

Quang Nam University had often self-adjusted activities aim to ensure learner’s quality, training’s quality based on self-evaluate according to the requirement of quality assurance in the University System.

With a high determination and solidarity of all staff members and lecturers, the university hope that we will complete one’s mission so as to contribute to  carry out the development of National Education Strategy towards 2020 according to Quang Nam Provincial Party Committee’s Resolution No. 12-NQ/TU dated December 28, 2012, term XX about “Development and improvement in education-training in Quang Nam Province towards 2020” ratified in the 13th Provincial Party Committee Congress and Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam’s Resolution No. 29-NQ/TW dated November 4, 2013, term XI about “Fundamental and comprehensive innovation in education, serving industrialization and modernization in a socialist-oriented market economy during international integration”, to gradually integrate with partners inside and outside the country.

Dr. Huynh Trong Duong – Rector of Quang Nam University

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