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Education Recruitment in Thailand: Who to Trust?

Due to severe defamation laws it is forbidden to write negative comments or reviews in Thailand. Therefore, a collective of teachers have decided to create a list of trustful recruiters, agencies, and schools.

Here are the known data regarding schools that can be trusted and do hire you when they say they will hire you, pay their teachers on time, and do respect the signed contracts. (2016-2017)

Assumption Schools
Bangkok Metropolitan
E-Globe Bangkok
Gates Chon Buri
Kasinthorn St Peter
Lerdla School
Panyaden School
Ramkhamhaeng University
Sarasas Chiang Mai
Sarasas Chonburi
Sarasas Phetchaburi
Sarasas Suvarnabhumi
Sarasas Surat Thani
St Joseph Schools

Help us make Thailand a better education hub for the students, the families, the schools, and the teachers and complete this list by adding a review or by contacting us at !

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