Whoever controls the education system controls a whole nation

Education is both the key and the lock; the key to a future of lights or the lock to a world of darkness. In one hand this is through education that we learn how to do things, how to think, how to feel, how to believe, how to behave and how to act or react; and in another hand this is the place where we teachers mold the souls and the spirits of the young mass for the worst or for the best.

What we are, what we show as educators, will affect the new generation in more ways than we can imagine. We teachers and parents give birth to tomorrow’s entire society and as such we ought to be a good example, a good role-model for all. As such, we ought to show the right path not only to knowledge and memorization but also to happiness, intelligence, critical-thinking, imagination, creativity, curiosity, righteousness, magnanimity, kindness and self-discipline… to think out of the box and acknowledge and encourage each individual’s uniqueness, differences and similarities.

Education cannot be imposed and knowledge cannot be taught. The process of acquiring knowledge, manners, values and skills is learning and not teaching!

The school is the allegory of the society in which our children will grow and develop so if we parents, teachers and schools fail to show a good role-model as kind and gentle open-minded critical-thinkers, what else could we expect from tomorrow’s new generation and nation?

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