The National Education Act of 1999 ends in 2016: what next?

The Ministry of Education is aware of these issues and is acting on it according to the National Education Act of 1999, which stems from the 1997 Constitution. The reform is outlined in the National Education Plan, which covers the period 2002 – 2016. Many academics believe that the National Education Plan is a good blueprint for successful reform. According to the Ministry of Education, it focuses on 3 broad objectives:

First, balanced human development,

Second, building a society of morality, wisdom, and learning,

Third, development of a social environment.

Through these objectives, it is hoped that the National Education Plan will:

1) lead to a knowledge-based economy and society,

2) promote continuous learning,

3) involve all segments of society in designing and decision-making concerning public activities.

The Ministry of Education is currently trying to implement these changes by reforming the curriculum, basic education learning process, and admission processes.

What would the new National Education Act to come be like?

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