Số 561 Quang Trung 3, P. Đông Vệ, TP. Thanh Hóa
97 Quang Trung tp. Thanh Hoá Thanh Hoá VN

Mission and Vision;

– Where training function fields of Culture, Arts, Sports and Tourism College degree, University and the University. The range of training including Thanh Hoa Province and North Central Province, south of the Red River;

– Connect and develop educational resources within the school and outside society flexibility and efficiency; Boosted teaching environment – active scientific research, innovation, transparency, commitment to best ensure quality and training for learners and society;

– The motto of the school education nah question is: Perseverance goals get quality training and success of learners, social trust as a measure of the results of the school’s training;

No 565 Quang Trung Street- Dong Ve Ward - Thanh Hoa city 54.98 km
Welcome to Hong Duc University, a public dynamic University, a training base as well as a scientific research institution with high prestige, which accomplishes businesses that will br... Read more
Ninh Nhất, thành phố Ninh Bình, Ninh Bình Province, Vietnam 55.71 km
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Đường Phù Nghĩa, Phường Hạ Lộc, Thành phố Nam Định, Tỉnh Nam Định 82.07 km
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257 Hàn Thuyên, tp. Nam Định, Nam Dinh, Vietnam 83.18 km
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373 Lý Bôn, tp. Thái Bình, Thái Bình, Vietnam 92.74 km
(+84) 363. 838.545(+84) 363. 838.545
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